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JonM 08-17-2011 02:02 AM

No Justice at the Leprechaun Lounge!!
LOL tooooo damn funny!!


Man Accused Of Firing Gun To Get Police Help
By Michael George

MILWAUKEE- Wauwatosa police say a 32-year old man was so fed up waiting for a response to his 911 call, he fired a gun into the air to get the attention of police. It worked, though not in the way he hoped.

The story has neighbors completely baffled.

“That’s ludicrous. That is crazy. It was his own fault,” said neighbor Aslee Toy, who lives in the blocks where the shooting occurred.

According to the Wauwatosa Police Department, the man claims he brought home two women from the Leprechaun Lounge bar at 27th and Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Those women allegedly stole his laptop and car and left. He called 911, but when officers didn’t show up right away, he called again, and again, and again. He allegedly called 911 more than a dozen times.

Then, things got even stranger. The man allegedly went outside and fired his gun into the air to get police there faster. His strategy worked. Police quickly came and arrested him for endangering safety and disorderly conduct. His blood alcohol was reported to be 0.17.

“That’s beyond crazy. He could have waited. He could have waited,” Toy said.

What’s not clear is how long the man was waiting for an officer to respond. Police say the man was told by a dispatcher that since no one was in immediate danger, an officer would arrive only when available.

The women who allegedly robbed the man have not been arrested.

Despite the fact that the shooting happened in Milwaukee, the Wauwatosa police department responded because it happened in an area covered by both the Milwaukee and Wauwatosa police departments.

CA357 08-17-2011 02:07 AM

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