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DogOne 08-05-2012 07:21 PM

This, no...this cant be real.
please tell me no one has actually played witness to this. this has to be a work of fiction. someone with an active imagination had to make this thread stuff up.

dog2000tj 08-05-2012 07:27 PM

I do believe the online persona Gecko45 is an actual person (from all I have read) and has bounced around internet forums for years. :eek: I'm not sure but he may even have been here on FTF a ways back - maybe a Mod could confirm? :confused:

In any event, fiction or fantasy, it is some fantasticly entertaining reading :D

We had a member, maybe 2 yrs ago, from Georgia I think, who boasted how he would go for runs through his community strapped with 2 pistols and carrying four mags. Unfortunately as comical as his story was he didn't last very long here .... a shame, could have been an internet legend had he persevered :p

DogOne 08-05-2012 07:42 PM

hahah thats how i feel if someone like that would stroll through here "man, someone get the mods." NO! Dont nobody touch him, lets see just-how-far we can take this.

Ive always heard the term mall ninja too. I wonder, if this is in fact real, this is the origin story of the fabled mall ninja. the "Mall Ninja Begins" if you will.

JonM 08-05-2012 07:42 PM

there was a gecko45 that got banned for general @sshattery. whether it was the same one or just a copycat i dunno

Axxe55 08-05-2012 07:56 PM

Gecko45 i think is the original mall ninja! i had read that link before and had to stop because i was laughing so hard. it was very entertaining and if you needed a laugh, it was good for several. sad thing is there are those who believe that crap and think it's true. too much video games i guess. there was even our own in house mall ninja here, Shoobee! search some his posts if you need a good laugh.

lbwar15 08-05-2012 08:00 PM

This has bin posted before. Thread name is "the original mall ninja". Still funny tho.

Gh0zt36 08-06-2012 05:41 AM

multiple trauma plates for .308 ??? " so now we have good funding for gear for our jobs, and we needed to find relaible SMG’s, but the HK’s just wouldn’t cut it. " at a mall??? bwaaaahahahah this is the kinda guy who'd be fun to get ****faced at a party and just watch go full retard.

MrWray 08-06-2012 06:21 AM

I wore a second chance vest for alot of years, level 2a does not stop the most rounds, i have a level 3a in my gun cabinet. There is also NO trauma plate insert on the back, ive read this before.

Its so damn stupid its comical

StoneCat 08-06-2012 06:46 AM

I liked the part where he "saved the mayors nephew's life and virginity" AFTER the local PD's SWAT unit got taken out "by the gap" and the mall ninja unit stepped up.

Big-Nasty 08-06-2012 08:04 AM

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Hahahahaha funny!!!
I never knew someone could become a legend from BS but this sure showed me. I remember him, I think the last post I've seen of him was a few months ago. I wonder where he his? I wonder where shoobee is? What about KalashnikovBlood? Probably in the magical land of BS, where all the video games come to life. It makes me wonder what names they're hiding under in this forum. Surely they didn't leave for good. I think it's kinda sad because most people like that were picked on when they were kids so they try to act cool and bad@ss to try to make friends and impress people, LOL but it's still funny to read what they have to say. Kinda like Coach on one of the old Survivor seasons.

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