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falseharmonix 08-10-2009 02:25 AM

news reports make me sick
Just caught a story about some guys running from the cops in my area. Started off as a routine traffic stop. The driver reportedly punched the cop in the face, and then sped off. Of course, he crashed the car and the three guys took off on foot. They caught one of the guys after chasing him with a dog.

That part is all good and fine.

Then they interviewed the police chief. "We found two semi-automatic pistols and a 12-gauge shotgun in the vehicle. This is very unusual for someone to be driving around with this much artillery"
(emphasis added by me)

ARTILLERY?!?!? I go to the range with that kind of 'artillery' more than frequently......

Dillinger 08-10-2009 02:33 AM

That's really dishonorable. I wonder if you called his office on Monday morning if the "police chief" would stand by those comments, or if he was really just pandering to the news media.

"Artillery" is, by definition:


ar·til·ler·y (är-t
n. pl. ar·til·ler·ies 1. Large-caliber weapons, such as cannon, howitzers, and missile launchers, that are operated by crews.
2. The branch of an army that specializes in the use of such weapons.
3. The science of the use of guns; gunnery.
4. Weapons, such as catapults, arbalests, and other early devices, used for discharging missiles.
That is a serious difference between handheld weapons of death and WEAPONS of artillery and impending doom.

Minus 10 to your police chief brother - he does not measure up in JD's book...


WDB 08-10-2009 11:09 PM

At best he is feeding the liberal chickens. I expect he calls his service pistol a "hand cannon" and only carries one round in his shirt pocket.

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