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Benning Boy 10-28-2009 04:07 PM

Newbies: FTF Squares Audition
Hello newbs, Benning here.

I have a small history here, I'm creeping up on my first year.

I earned some cred, and was elevated to supporting member status, where a whole other world of excitement beyond this portion of the forum opened to me.

What we're looking for are applicants to recieve the same honor, by winning it in our first FTF Squares game.

Applicants will be vetted in the Bunker, until we find two.

Beyond that, I'll see if we can muster some sort of giveaway for the winner, as well.

State your name, and why you should be selected.:cool:

Benning Boy 10-28-2009 06:12 PM

Okay, a supporting membership has been secured.

I'm still waiting to see about an additional giveaway.

Sign up now, newbs!

Dillinger 10-28-2009 06:41 PM

A second Supporting membership has been secured.

To anyone who enjoys the site, being a Supporting Member has many additional perks. And there is a whole Knowledge Base of articles exclusive to FTF on everything from interviews to reloading to travel and safety.

You get to play a game with your forum mates, and if you win, you get a free $15/year membership good for one year.

How hard is that??


Gus556 10-28-2009 07:27 PM

I was PM'ed and it was suggested I toss my hat in the ring. So, please accept this as my application.
Why, you may ask...
Well, I am well experienced and handy with AR's, Bolt actions, and big bore firearms. I am an avid hunter and I know how to use the land to yield food. I teach winter wilderness survival classes every year for the past 10 years at the regional Boy Scouts of America camp, I also assist in running a youth marksmanship program.
I am a Paramedic (which is always handy when the SHTF) and have over 15 years experience in Fire and EMS. So I have been in more than a situation or two that required fast thinking and faster action. Currently I am a Union Chemical worker that ensures the safety of 45 people working with stuff that is better left in a tightly closed container in the back of a vault somewhere.
I believe in America and what it stands for. NOT WHAT it has been perverted into by politicians and those that deal with them who have no idea what normal every day people are forced to endure because of their greed for money and power. I honor those that serve, served, and died so I could live free and enjoy this country how I feel is right for my family and I.
Oh yeah....I am also funnier than watching a fat kid jump rope. I have a sick and twisted sense of humor (I suppose it goes with my experiences) and I dont take too many things to heart. Overall, I take it just as well as I give it.

So, you can choose me if you wish OR I could just go back to banging on my keyboard at the folks in the general discussion area. Either way, I am gonna yeep yappin!!

IGETEVEN 10-28-2009 07:32 PM

Can you cook? :D


Gus556 10-28-2009 07:38 PM

I can on open fire, electric coil, LP, NG, charcoal, and even on high intensity thermal chemical reactions!!:p

suprdave 10-28-2009 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by IGETEVEN (Post 179343)
Can you cook? :D


Gus, he's gonna ask you on a date...Be prepared...this is his mating ritual!

Gus556 10-28-2009 07:52 PM

As long as he doesnt expect a kiss on the lips and he doesnt pull my hair, we may be ok. :D

dog2000tj 10-28-2009 07:57 PM

Way to go Jack, by jumping on the newb right away you have frightened everyone off. :p

Well, except for Gus. That worries me. :eek:

skullcrusher 10-28-2009 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by Gus556 (Post 179361)
As long as he doesnt expect a kiss on the lips and he doesnt pull my hair, we may be ok. :D

I think he may be more interested in how you are at pillow biting...:eek:

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