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themanbeau 09-26-2009 05:08 AM

'New' GTO Judge-what a car! (big $)
Hey, Auto buffs-

Got this in my email today; I used to have a Trans Am, and some other Pontiacs, but I 'missed' the GTO/Judge. A kid in my High School had one-it was the yellow-orange:cool: 1970 model, and had a 455/4-speed.:D Unfortunately for him, he pancaked it into a giant oak tree, leaving behind the front end, and part of his face, and one eye. That was probably the most memorable thing that happened (car-wise) in my coming-up years. Crazy:eek: thing was-his dad had it re-built, and he was zooming around in it a few months later, as one-eye Kurt.:confused: He also owned a '69 Firebird; Formula, if memory serves well.

Enjoy, and try not to slobber- :-P

dunerunner 09-26-2009 05:36 AM

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Far from a good hot rod story. While in college, my Dad (capitolized for a reason) bought a '70 Javelin.

Yellow w/black interior and an automatic with the 290CID V-8. While driving home from night school, well after 10PM, a guy in a 302 Cougar gave me the "Hey Javelin" sh!t at a stop light. After a 5 minute run and eventual chase, he asked "What are you running in that thing?"

I replied....."It's stock!"

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I wish they would build this one.

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Route 66 Rambler 09-26-2009 05:59 AM

This influenced me that direction, myself.

My first car was '69 Javelin SST with 390/4 spd in Big Bad Orange, without the stripes. It was 10 years old and I got it for $425. Too many stories to tell, but I sold it when my daughter was born to pay for things. I have one now that's a rescue project, not the same though. 343/auto in Alamosa Aqua Irridescent. Same color as the engine paint in '69.

JiroZero713 09-26-2009 06:30 AM

I've only had trucks myself but I've seen and been with plenty of nice cars.

My favorite is my mother's Camaro Z28 1983 model that was hand built because my mother didn't want the fuel injection that was hocky at the time.

My grandfather was a car salesmen genious to bad he died at 50 or I'd be rich hahaha just kidding....I don't care about money to much....if he was alive I would have an armory by the thousands now.

Either way the 1983 Camaro still has a good body....few bad places here and there but nothing that can't be fixed. It's automatic though but really We are probably as a present to my mother later on in life when she retires I plan on helping out my bro to bring the car back to life.....a 350 instead of the 305 in the car would be nice to have.

TXnorton 09-26-2009 06:42 AM

F250 4WD Diesel - 'nuff said.

themanbeau 09-26-2009 06:50 AM

'New' GTO...
Hey, Guys-

Thanks for the responses, :)and the good pics-brings back a LOT of good
memories for me. Yeah, my first car was a 'beater' '69 Chevy BelAir 327
Powerglide auto, in (surface-rust) nasty green, with a factory AM (ony)
radio, and a (badly :=P self-installed>hey, I was only 16!) 8-track system. I
ran the s__t out of it, and put about 2-3 quarts of oil in it (50 cents, at
1977 prices) a week. It had 120K on the clock when I got it, and ticked
like an old pocket watch. They had a $300 shoe-polish price on the
window, but I traded a '73 DT-175 Yamaha Enduro for it, even up. It
always ran when I turned the key, and I rarely drove it under 80-90, on
the interstate. Got busted for speed one time, and was pinged with a
suspension. Eventually traded it for a '70 Impala, 350/Turbo-man, those
were the days, my friend. Gas was 50 cents (too), so a fill-up 'racked'
me $10 bucks! If you'd told me (then) that it would be $4 I would have
said, "in your dreams"!:p


JiroZero713 09-26-2009 07:39 AM

I want to own one of those new Deloreans they make in Texas....well they are not 'new' but they are all the old parts left over and then they make you a brand new Delorean from the parts for 40,000 dollars.

bobbyb13 09-26-2009 12:10 PM

1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone. Dad was insane for building that thing for me.
Econoline straight axle, 427/425 HP, 4 speed top loader, 9 inch with 3.89 gears, and a detroit locker. Gas was .29 cent a gal. It got probably 6-7 mile to a gallon.

divinginn 09-26-2009 01:37 PM

My first hotrod was a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda,It had a 318 ci engine with a automatic in sassy green grass color. I went on to own 3 more including a 1970 440 Cuda in plum crazy purple color. I also owned a 1976 Transam 403 olds motor with 4 speed and a 1976 Corvette stingray L82 with a 4 speed.

roosterjuicer 09-26-2009 02:31 PM

as cool as DeLorean's were for the time travel abilities i think you should be slapped for putting a car with an anemic v6 powering it on a "muscle car" list :D

One thing I must say is as great as old muscle cars were i think new cars have finally caught up and surpassed them. My first sports car was a 70 chevelle with a 350, 4 on the floor, a decent 4 barrel carb, some headers and other basic modifications like that. my second was a 92 z28 with the 1le package and it was pretty close in performance with the chevelle but the chevelle was definitely faster although the camaro drove better.

my current car is a 2002 z28 and I must say it blows those other two out of the water. its faster than both, it gets better mileage than both, it rides much nicer and handles much nicer than both, the interior is much nicer, the shifter is much smoother, it doesn't squeak, rattle or shake (i used to think those things gave a car "character" ohh how the years change you). and its more dependable and doesn't get out of tune, carbs dont need adjusting, ect...

my biggest complaint about newer cars compared to older ones is THEY ARE A PAIN TO DO YOUR OWN WORK ON!!! there's no room under the hood of my new camaro, you cant even put headers on it without tilting the friggin motor! on my chevelle i could have easily taken a nap between the motor and the body.

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