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probasco 03-28-2009 04:11 AM

the new AWB, FIGHT or cave.. which
please, link is below,

The planned Assault weapon ban is a nothing more than a way for the government to penalize law abiding people for the inadequate job the government has done on the border.

I find it troubling that there is really no "PROOF" that American "ASSAULT" weapons are going to Mexico. Why would a cartel buy $1600 American rifles and then have to smuggle them out of America, when they can get AK-47s for $50 each in South America?

We respectfully ask you to fight this bill and protect American's civil rights. Don't make us pay for crimes of another country.

Given the run on weapons and ammunition over the past 4 months,(50-70% increase) I would suspect more people than ever are 2nd amendment supporters.


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