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Need some help on Tattoos

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OK you want a tat story here you go. This will top them all right here.

Ok so we are hanging out at the house one friday night. When a few of my buddies say lets go to the bar. OK let me change. So I change and head out to the bar for a boys night our wife and kid stayed home. We get to the bar and start drinking a little. One guy says lets go look at tats. I say why in the world do you want one of them stupid things. Oh man they are cool. OK let go look but I want more beer after we are done looking. Thats cool man.

Get to tat place which is across the parking lot from the bar in Kilieen Tx. A buddy of mine says dude you need a tat I will pay for half if you get one right now. So I think about it and I decide to get a tribal skull with red eyes. By now the 3 beers are starting to kick in and I am think this can't be that bad even that ***** mfer has one in ops. I get it we pay and the chick that did it was a little freeky she had half her head shaved and had a whicked tat on the side of her head she had so many piercings I could not count. She had 8 in her nips yes 4 each.

So I get my tat we talk and then it is done. Not a big deal. Now a few months later wife loves the new tat it was good for the sex life to say the least. I was about to get another on my other arm. Then all hell breaks loose. I find out that my wife is messin around on me. One dude had the balls to drop her off at the house. Then he got the hell out of dodge when I came running out of the house with a 12 ga yelling "I am going to kill you you muther effer". I even went after him in a front end loader at work. Well, through out the time we were trying to work things out. I find out that the dude that I thought was my buddy that had paid for half my tat was really screwing my wife at that time. So yes the dude banging my wife paid for my tat what a nice guy. After I found out he never talked to me again. I told the Squad leader that either he needed to go or I would but I am not going to be in the same squad as a guy that banged out my wife. If he doesn't go then I will be in jail for killing him. You think I am joking I told the squad leader. You know I have more weapons quals than anyone else in the platoon. Dude I grew up shooting squirrels at 250+ yards you think I can't hit his ass from 700 no problem dude. So you pick he goes or I kill him.

I was at a bad stage in life right then and if they wouldn't have moved him to a different company I more than likely would have killed him.

So there. Now you know the rest of the story.....

For some reason never wanted another one.

I may get one more then call it quites. I want a matching tat to my brothers. it is our family cattle brand.
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Damn Tango I do not know what to say after hearing that unhappy satire. I am sorry bro. Here, watch this video and you will forget all about those unhappy memories...... or maybe just get madder.

badgers - Weebl's Stuff



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It was a very well lets say character building time in my life. It is in the past and I look back and laugh at it now.
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S.S.- everyone is right about getting one that doesn't show below the t-shirt line. I think you should think this through...for a long time. I got my first tat when I was seventeen, and I think I might have been mildly retarded back then.

(Sorry if this offends anyone)
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LOL. I'm mildly retarded. But I say that proudly.

Jack..nice tats!

Tango-Amazing story.

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i got my first tattoo at 13 i dont suggest you get anything off the wall and imo your last name is a sure way to get urself "bagged" "pinched" watever you want to call it. just imagine if you dont want someone to know who u are... i know tattoos are markers of identification but i like the idea of symbols rather that outright statements .... i love that all my tattoos make ppl say "what does that mean"

10 tattoos plus back piece still a work in process
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i have quite a few tattoos. i hate them all. i did them myself when i was younger, my best advice is don't get any whatsoever. that said, if you do get any, make sure they can be covered up, unless you want to work at mcdonalds the rest of your life. the majority of mine are showing and i know from personal experience that law enforcement and military are pretty much not an option when you have some stupid picture tattooed where people can see it.
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Originally Posted by p11shooter View Post
I have a few tats myself (no monkeys), DONT get one in a visible place like you forearm. I have one on mine and now have to cover it when at work. I thought when i got that one I was going to be in construction all my life, well things change.
I've got one on each forearm, and like you, thought I was going to do construction forever (13 year run). I have a total of five, though you can only see the two on my forearms when wearing a tee shirt.

Make sure that you really want the tattoo you get, whether it has meaning or not. It only takes $200 and an hour to get one, but $2500+ and a few weeks to get rid of it.

(For the record, only two of mine have meaning, the other 3 were just for fun. I wouldn't get rid of any of them.....well, one needs to be redone.)
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Yeah think it over man. Wise words from all on keeping it to somewhere you can cover up...

Bloody hell tango, that was a tragic story. All power to you for not killing that bastard!
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My son is joint owner of a tatto/piercing shop. He has several tats but none show if he is wearing a tee shirt, I don't know if it's a USMC reg or common sense. Each of his tats have personal meaning to him. I have one and it's something my son drew to honor his Mom (she passed when he was three).

If you get a tat make it having to you and something your willing to live with the rest of your life.
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