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Need opinions on a 4WD or AWD vehicle

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Here's one for ya! 2006 Jeep Liberty Sport in Kansas City, KS- 6847362 at

Or this one '64 Land Rover 2A - $9750 neg - Rovers North BBS Forums
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Originally Posted by BunnyWabbit View Post
I am not sure if I like Subaru, isn't their logo the sign of the debil?

How could you go wrong? Buy a Subaru and give 'em all hell!


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TOYOTA my wife has a 2004 Matrix with 125,000 miles on it. The only thing we have replaces are fluids, tires and wiper blades. It runs great gets 35 mpg and can haul just as much as a small pickdown.

You can get one in AWD as well.

Sudaru are built like tanks. They are great cars that will run like crazy. They really I think have the best AWD system.
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The only thing that would make me hesitant to buy a Subie is their use of boxer-style engines. Most any mechanic worth his wrench should know where, in general, to look for trouble on a V format or inline engine, but the boxer-style is much less popular here. I had to be careful who i let work on my '65 beetle for the same basic reason. Just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Dillinger View Post
Not hard, just expensive.

JEEP = Just Empty Every Pocket.
With a good bit over 200,000 I've put brakes and a power steering pump in my 99 Cherokee. But it does have the famous 4.0 in it. Got to say that's not bad. THe one before it (1990) made it over 300,000 and it's only major repair was a water pump. The key to the Jeeps is not to get the V8. Depending on the year they will have drive train trouble or main bearing issues. I've yet to see any of the6 cyls. do anything but run. Around here I will see 2:1 Jeeps over any other vehicle for a daily driver. Parts are pretty easy to find for a motor that has been around since the stone age.
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If you want a Jeep that gets hybrid level fuel mileage look for an '05-06 Liberty Diesel. If it is not a diesel it will be a gas hog.


My daily driver is an '00 XJ we bought new. Right at 170K and runs like a champ. Other than tires and brakes, all it's even needed was a CPS.
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Originally Posted by BunnyWabbit View Post
Toyotas are just a little out of my price range if I want a 4x4.

I did find this, hope this link works.
Cars for Sale: 2008 Nissan Frontier SE in McPherson, KS 67460: Truck Details - 283295669 - wheel drive&default_sort=newsortbyprice_DESC&seller_type =b&max_mileage=&style_flag=2&sort_type=priceDESC&a ddress=66539&advanced=y&end_year=2011&doors=&trans mission=&max_price=20000&cardist=109&standard=fals e

one thing you need to be aware of is that the automatics have problems with the coolant mixing with the transmission fluid,which kills the $5000 transmission . i drive one for work sometimes and its a quick little truck,and the interior room is way better the the earlier '00s tacomas.the gas mileage is not that great though.

Subaru reliability is far better than jeep,trust me i own one of each.can't go wrong with a subaru with a good set of blizzaks in the winter,i think the outback is almost 40% of what i see on the roads around here.
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Originally Posted by BunnyWabbit View Post
I read yesterday that Ford is doing away with the Ranger. In this economy, I am surprised at the prices on used vehicles, especially trucks. And, in this area, any used trucks you find will either have a ton of miles or be overpriced.

I am not sure if I like Subaru, isn't their logo the sign of the debil?

After my last car buying adventure, I think I would try the most patient man in some of my reasonings for liking or not liking a vehicle. I know most of the sales people were glad to see the back of me. lol. All i knew last time was the vehicle had to be either red, blue or yellow, get good gas mileage, be small and be in my price range. It was funny to me how every car salesman still showed me cars that didn't meet that criteria.
The Subaru logo is the Plieades star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters.
I saw a ton of Subarus in the Rockies and the Cascades on my drive to Oregon and back. And during last winter's snowstorms here in Tulsa, mine handled 6"-8" depths just fine, even plowed through some bumper-deep drifts without a hitch.
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Another vote for Jeep.

Thing about Jeeps is, they hold their value pretty good. So don't be surprised to find a 15+ year old jeep for $4000 or higher.

A YJ or TJ with the 4.0L straight 6 would be a good way to go. The that engine was pretty damn tough. Can also find this engine in the Cherokees (XJ).

I've got an '06 TJ (last year the 4.0L was made) and it's got plenty of power on the highway and in the woods. No lift with 31" tires.
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Originally Posted by JJAMISON View Post
wow. i didn't finish. and i want that time i just wasted back. I was hoping for at least a pic of Bea Arthur in her undies .
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I can't believe Jeep is gettin this much support. Chrystler hasn't built a product worth a crap in years. I got a Grand Cherokee with my wife and I can't believe how cheaply the thing is made and how poorly the interior is laid out.
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