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CA357 10-01-2009 05:17 PM

My Neighbor
We have a neighbor next door who lives alone and is a bit strange. He avoids eye contact and is definitely a loner. I had no issues with the guy, I'm a big proponent of live and let live.

Well that changed Sunday night. My wife and I were watching TV when around 10:30 PM we heard loud thumps and crashes. I went out in the back yard and didn't see anything, so I let it go.

Shortly after, more thumping and banging and now it sounded like something/someone was hitting or banging on our house. It was loud and the house shook.

I stuck my Model 37 in my waistband and grabbed my flashlight and went out front. (My 37 lives in an Uncle Mike's IWB holster and is either on me or next to me at all times)

So I get out front and walk to the driveway and there is my neighbor. I asked him if he heard the noise and he responded that it was him. So, I said okay, thinking that maybe he's doing some work on the house or something. After all, he's kind of strange. So I went back into the house.

A little while later, I went in the back yard and noticed that two fence boards were down, it looked like thay'd been kicked in. That explains the thumping on our house, the fence is mounted to the garage wall, and the sound transmitted that way.

I figured that he was probably loaded, and nothing good would come of confronting him right then, and the noise had stopped, so I figured I'd talk to him in the morning.

So, Monday morning I knocked on his door before I went to work, but there was no answer. His porch light was still on, so I figured he was probably passed out and sleeping it off.

After work that day, I again knocked on his door, the porch light was still on and still no answer.

So, come Tuesday morning, I heard voices at the front of his house. So, I took a look and it was a cop trying to talk to him. His face was covered in blood, he was weaving, speechless almost to the point of being catatonic.

I then could also see that he had smashed a concrete and brick retaining wall and a wrought iron gate. (all his property) Oh yeah, he was only dressed in his underwear and they were filthy.

Another cop showed up and eventually the Fire Dept. as well. They hauled him off in an ambulance.

The police officer took my information and told me that he's on psych meds and there were empty booze bottles all over his house. BTW, it's his parents house. The officer told me that the inside of the house is demolished.

Later that afternoon, I spoke with the neighbor on the other side of him and learned that he has been violent and aggressive towards him.

My guess is that he's at the nut hut for a 72 hour hold and will be back tomorrow. When I next see him, I will politely explain to him that it would be a mistake to mess with either my wife, me or our stuff. I'll be as nice as I can, but he will get the message.

Apparently, the neighbors have called the police on this guy any number of times and I wasn't aware of it, as he's never messed with us before.

ta1588 10-01-2009 05:25 PM

Sometimes I wonder why they let the crazies live around the general populace.

spittinfire 10-01-2009 05:30 PM

I'm not sure I would confront him. I understand you wanted to get a messgae across but that could be asking for trouble and the last thing I would want is to get into an argument or a fight with a crazy. It may also create a grudge against you that currently isn't there. I think I would just keep a close eye on him and make sure to tell your wife to stay clear of the guy. If she doesn't shoot, teach her and get her a gun.

CA357 10-01-2009 05:54 PM

My wife shoots and has her own S&W Model 60 loaded with .38 hollowpoints. She's accurate as hell with it. My Model 37 is either on me or next to me. If I'm not at home, it's out for my wife to grab if she needs it.

I don't plan on getting in his face, but I cannot allow this to pass. He has to understand our boundaries.

diggsbakes 10-01-2009 06:17 PM

What a bummer.

I think you definitely did the right thing by not escalating the scene that night, but I don't think I would confront him now either. Nothing positive will come out of getting this man's attention or talking to him at all. Just continue not having contact with him as long as possible.

I have also done things the opposite way and things never get better once you have the first negative confrontation. Whether its a fist fight or just words, things only get worse.

It doesn't sound like you're ever going to have a few beers and shoot a game of pool with this guy, so just avoid him as much as possible and with the knowledge you have, you will have the advantage if there ever is a confrontation.

The last time we moved I thought all that crap was behind us... and it was until 6 months after we most recently moved. Now we have one guy "staying" behind us that doesn't own the home. The home owner is supposedly a female (never met her) that lives in AZ during the winter and comes back to CO in the summer, which is pretty common.

However, this is the SECOND season she has failed to come back for the summer and this guy is WEIRD. Definitely on an upper of some sort. Unfortunately I have had to confront him for blocking access to my detached garage via the alley. Instead of just beating the piss outta him, I was uncharacteristically polite and explained (though I shouldn't have to) why I needed access to that bay.

This guy will drive around the neighborhood several times and park occasionally before returning to the residence. I know this cause where I walk my dog across three blocks grassy clearings, east of my home, I have seen him in several different spots, turning around and what not.

All kinds of crazy stuff runs through my mind. Like, Where's the Owner?

Then some other jerk move across the street and has obvious drug traffic.

I know the feeling of having to leave for work when it's still dark and the wife and kids are home alone for a few dark hours and you just saw a car "stop by" down the street.

Good luck and lay low. Sorry for the long post, but I know what's going through your head.


spittinfire 10-01-2009 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by CA357 (Post 168635)
My wife shoots and has her own S&W Model 60 loaded with .38 hollowpoints. She's accurate as hell with it. My Model 37 is either on me or next to me. If I'm not at home, it's out for my wife to grab if she needs it.

I don't plan on getting in his face, but I cannot allow this to pass. He has to understand our boundaries.

Sounds like my wife. Bought her an SP101 and at 10 yards she'll shoot a 3-4" group all day long with 125 +p's. If you come in our house, she has it close by.

CA357 10-01-2009 06:23 PM

Okay, I trust the wisdom here, so I won't say anything to him and I'll just let it go. We'll just keep a better eye on him now that we know he's looneytunes.

Thanks for the input gentlemen. :cool:

orangello 10-01-2009 06:30 PM

Maybe a nice fruitcake and a note would be a compromise? Crazy people snack too. :)

CA357 10-01-2009 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by orangello (Post 168655)
Maybe a nice fruitcake and a note would be a compromise? Crazy people snack too. :)

I'm just not quite that mellow. Funny though. ;)

c3shooter 10-01-2009 08:05 PM

CA- if you were dealing with a garden variety drunk, or even the biker club that moved in next door, then you might need to 'splain things to them.

However, that is making the assumption that you are dealing with a rational person. Think that is missing here. Irrational people make mental connections that make perfect sense to them- but to them only. They can add 2+2, and are absolutely positive that the answer is 3.1459. Over the years I had had my share of 10-96's (mental subjects) to deal with. One, an older lady, was convinced her husband had died that day in a house fire. Oddly enough, I knew her husband- called him at work, put him on the phone with her. She acknowledged that, yes, that WAS her husband she was talking to- but that he was dead. Nothing I was going to say would change that.

My suggestion would be to watch him like a hawk, if he starts whupping your garage or fence again, call 911.

At one time, people that were unable to care for themselves would be placed in medical care. Courtesy of the ACLU, they were dumped on the street, where they now live in the bushes, until they start throwing rocks thru the window of the store that is being operated by the Klingons.

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