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ckbig 04-09-2007 11:53 PM

music while shooting...
This is random, but do you ever listen to music while hunting or shooting?

I have begun to take my player out to listen to some tunes, listen to such a variety.

Do you listen? What do you listen to?

Bobby 04-11-2007 01:47 AM

Long time ago when I used to go hunting with my dad he used to bring soothing types of music with us. And, he did not bring it for us, he brought it to attract the different types of animals we were hunting. We did have better luck when the music was right.
Age is catching up with me, and miss hunting. So, not sure if I know which music types are right anymore.

Just a little old advise. We never brought it for us, does that really work?


socialnorms 04-19-2007 12:42 AM

What? How can you hunt and listen to music at the same time? Can't hear the whisper of wings or the cracking of brush with The Rolling Stones blasting.

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