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Dillinger 03-05-2009 02:08 PM

Music Groups: Who Do You DISLIKE??
I should say HATE, because for me, these collective tools are about as "talented" as Pip farting on a snare drum.

I am more talking about "Musicians" that allow the fame to go to their heads and think they are more important than they really are. People that use their soapbox to expound their personal beliefs about things going on in the world


Just plain talentless ass clowns.

Now, on this subject, I could go on for PAGES, but here are some of my hot buttons:

Pearl Jam - They suck, they have sucked forever & I can't tell you the last "hit" they had. Eddie Vedar needs to STFU. Period. Nobody cares about your views on politics, especially in the middle of a concert that your fans have paid good money to see. And yes, I am from Seattle....

Nirvana - They sucked. They sucked from the start, They were EVERYWHERE when they were "popular" and they continued to just be this blight on the "Seattle Music Scene". They were the reason we got every long haired retard in the country moving up here to play on street corners and in coffee shops hoping to be discovered. The best thing that ever came out of that guys head was, well, you get the point...

U2 - NOBODY CARES BONO!! Keep your F**KING mouth shut and entertain. You are doing more harm that good in Africa - the African Ambassador to the UN told you so to your stupid face and you acted like a spoiled little bitch and cancelled the rest of the interview.

Kayne West - One, a bass machine is an instrument to take the place of a real musician. It is also meant to accompany real music, not be the basis for EVERY song you "write". And No, President Bush didn't make Katrina happen and he doesn't "Hate Black People". Waste of flesh....

Sean "P-Diddy-do whatever the hell your name is this week" Combs
Just die. You serve no purpose other than promoting a rather crappy vodka and Saville Row suits. Who the hell writes personal appearances, OF HIMSELF, into contracts for "artists" he signs for any videos they do?? Seriously, you friggin ego-maniac, get over yourself.

So, there is just a start... what do you guys have??


Benning Boy 03-05-2009 02:23 PM

U2 hasn't done anything worth a s#!t since Joshua Tree, and Bono just isn't that great. Move to Africa, and get it on with an IV drug using, needle sharing bisexual monkey, you pogue.

Old school rap guys had talent, and innovated something completely original, passed it to a new generation, who have done nothing with it. Oddly, the only O.G. rap group still doing anything are the white/Jewish Beastie Boys.

Mark McGrath got to do a duet with Shania Twain, so I hate him.:mad:

roosterjuicer 03-05-2009 02:23 PM

U2 definitely. I would say rap in general.

Keith Urban sucks. He is NOT COUNTRY I dont know why they play him on country stations. Same goes for taylor swift. actually, they dont suck, they just arent country and it pisses me off that they get played on country stations.

Justin Timberlake is horrible.

However, by far the band i hate the most of all time is the beastie boys! they are horrible, their voices are all annoying, their beats suck, their lyrics suck, their videos suck. the world is a crappier place with them in it.
(this does not apply to sabotage)

jeepcreep927 03-05-2009 02:25 PM

Adding a personal opinion to music as a "public service" message is crap. There a quite a few musicians that have overstepped their roles as musicians by trying to become activists for some cause or another.

Steve Earl's epiphany that guns are bad has relegated him into the realm of suck-dom. I used to like a lot of his music. (yes, that single issue sways me in everything from media outlets, music, actors and poloticians).

I agree that U2 and Bono need to pick a calling: music or saving the gay baby whales, or whatever it is this week.

The only band I dislike, or rather truly detest, based solely on their performance and music is Nickelback. All their songs sound the same. Despite JD's dislike of Nirvana and/ or Kurt Cobain, the douche from Nickelback has morphed into an erie likeness of Kurt Cobain, minus the thrift store sweater.

And finally, how many songs can you write about your girlfriend being a tramp and a skank? The novelty has worn off...

robocop10mm 03-05-2009 02:27 PM

Granted Eddie Vetter is full of himself. He uses his position to perpetuate his personal agenda and I do not agree with his agenda. WTS, two of my favorite songs are Yellow Ledbetter and Black from Pearl Jam. I will not spend money on their products but I will listen the "stolen" unlicensed copy.

For me Pink Floyd has gotten so over played that I will turn the station if one of their songs come on.

Foreigner is the sorriest excuse for a rock band that has ever signed a contract.

Benning Boy 03-05-2009 02:36 PM

I desperately want an Air Supply tattoo.:eek:

Dillinger 03-05-2009 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by robocop10mm (Post 78473)

Foreigner is the sorriest excuse for a rock band that has ever signed a contract.

Winger? :confused:

cpttango30 03-05-2009 02:49 PM

Hey whats with all the hate towards Pearl Jam?

Ten was great cutting edge and out there. But after that they went to sh!t. Vs. and Vitology was a sorry excuse of an Album.

I can't stand geezer rock either like the stones and Pink Floyd and U2 OMG why doesn't bono run for world president for life already.

I liked Eminem for a while but you can only listen to Fu Fthat bit*( C&nt W^&ORE adn all that so many times before you want to take is 9 and stuff it up his azz and pull the trigger 18 times.

Keith Urban is an effing faggot

along with anyother loser that ever came off of American Fill my pockets with money idole.

I do like Kid Rock he does what he wants and makes his music and is not affaride to buck tyhe system a little. He has a good mix of rock r&b Blues and southern comfort now that he has calmed down a little. mest be the Hep A-H that he got form Pam Anderson that clamed him down.

I agree with the Nickleback each record sounds just like the last one. COMMON already do something new.

The band I HATE the most is The Offspring. OMG learn to play more then 3 effing cords already I mean my god my daughter can play more music then they can and she just started playing 4 months ago. They sucked they they hit the market and the still suck now if not even more so because they have progressed slower than a dead snail.

I tell you two of my new favorites are Apoclyptia and Seether. Apoclyptia is cool because they use cellos for heavy metal. How freeking awsome is that.

Metallica is another one I will turn the channel on because they are a bunch of whining pussies now that all they do is scream about people stealing music. Dude your worth how much and your complaining about not getting your .99 cents from itunes F OFF you sissy mfer.

user4 03-05-2009 02:56 PM

Motley Crue, Skid Row...Poison...any hair bands, really.

user4 03-05-2009 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by cpttango30 (Post 78483)
Metallica is another one I will turn the channel on because they are a bunch of whining pussies now that all they do is scream about people stealing music. Dude your worth how much and your complaining about not getting your .99 cents from itunes F OFF you sissy mfer.

I sometimes download Metallica illegally just so I can delete it. Bunch of divas.

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