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dango 03-04-2013 08:10 PM

Most Enlightening..!
I , have gone Global..! Via , (SKYPE) ,I've been sorting out my PC problems.
I can not "Export or Import" any pictures..! This Indian gentleman , India , the country
assured me , no problem.! LOL..! The realm of possibilities.....! :D

As stated , "nothing EVER made I can't ruin"..! :D He , assured me , that in 1 half hour , I'd be up and running..! LOL..! OK , and good luck ! :D

He said with-in the hour at most , to await his return call.
I , sit and watch , Chaos , :D , curser,s flappin , windows coming and going , Chaos , Totally..! 1 hour gone and still , CHAOS , I can see it on my screen and I start a laughing and watching ! :D TOTAL CHAOS with many pauses ..! :D
2 Hours gone by and I'm seeing "Failure" before my eyes , but still laughing and watching..!

2and 1/2 hours and the phone rings ! I've returned and it was most complex problem,,,!!!! :eek: I laugh and a (I TOLD YA SO'S) and we part and I'm Baaaaacccckk..! :D

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