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Bigcountry02 08-08-2011 03:44 AM

London Riots!
Nothing in the news here in the states regarding the riots taking place.

BREAKING: New riots in Enfield, Edmonton, Brixton and Walthamstow The West Londoner

Anarchy in Brixton: Riots and Violence Break Out in the UK Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Shihan 08-08-2011 12:16 PM

Not much in the news here about the riots at the Wisconson fair. If you aren't prepared, you better get there.

dunerunner 08-08-2011 02:58 PM

The modern Dark Ages will be brutal!

OC357 08-08-2011 03:13 PM

All the news channels we have on cable and they are all very lacking in reporting important stuff.......(ie., they all suck).....sorry but that is the truth as far as I am concerned.


Bigcountry02 08-08-2011 09:09 PM

I would not be surprised this starts here in the states. The way the economy is going and people are getting tired, who knows what will happen.

Here is a link from Sky News, it is not good! The police are out-manned!

More Violence In London And Now Birmingham

Skirmishes Between Police And Youths In Hackney As Officers Step Up Patrols To Stop Further Violence | UK News | Sky News

mrm14 08-08-2011 09:20 PM

Here you go......

orangello 08-08-2011 09:23 PM

Well at least they are limited to pipes and fires and such; maybe this is the English excuse for such ridiculously strict gun control, to keep the current government in power.

Coolbeans194 08-08-2011 09:28 PM

Yeah all our news broadcast now, is pointless bullsh!t about some celebrity married no-one-gives-a-d@m and it takes the killing of 30 of our best special forces (BBC News - US special forces Afghan helicopter downed 'by Taliban') for it to even be briefly mentioned in the news. We are not informed as a country and therefor are blind. The U.S. government would have us believe that everthing is perfectly fine when we are on the brink of complete chaos. Owning a gun is a definate must for when this sh!t boils over into the states. Zomb!e infection breaking out, causing hoardes of zombies to attack us is just a joke (A funny scenario at that) and no-one is really worried about that, however, a hoarde of desperate people who are willing to kill, burn buildings, slit throats, and steal from others vital supplies that they depend on for survival is a more likely scenario and is knocking on our front door (Violence in Mexico). News is vital and we don't get the have of it. An U.S. Marine told me "The news is 10% truth, 50% bullsh!t, and the other 40% was K.I.A."

Shihan 08-08-2011 11:50 PM

Youth today have no respect.

Bigcountry02 08-09-2011 03:33 AM

Watch the videos embedded.

London To Be Under Martial Law In Next 24 Hours – Troops To Deploy Against ‘Teenage’ Population In London :

Correction: The link above has additional videos.

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