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Kage0113 11-08-2009 06:52 AM

Loan for a gun?
Alright folks, here's my dilemma. I have a job now at walmart, yeah fancy. But it wont be forever, I'm in college and have career plans. But, with me having money for once in a long time, I want to buy my lol. I was thinking of taking out a "personal loan" to get it so i can build credit. However, I don't want to say i'm buying a gun cause I don't want to register it. What do you guys think? If they ask should I say its for Christmas or something?

JiroZero713 11-08-2009 06:55 AM

Your credit score is an imaginary number I wouldn't care about it for the most part...course I understand building it so you can buy a house later on.

Taking out a loan on a gun is a bad idea and just get anti gunners attention.

Don't waste your time on it.

suprdave 11-08-2009 11:12 AM

Don't want to register it? Obey the law, man.

On the loan side of this, just make sure you can repay it. Being late will bring your score WAY down.

c3shooter 11-08-2009 12:00 PM

You list your location as Wyoming. What is the "registration" you speak of? With the except of certain firearms covered under the NFA (machineguns, short barreled shotguns, etc) there is no national "registration" of firearms, If you buy from a dealer, he maintains a record of the sale in his place of business. OTHER states may require registration, but have not seen anything from Wyoming.

as far as the loan- don't. First, save some money. THEN talk to your bank about getting a secured credit card with a small line of credit- a few hundred dollars. THAT will get picked up on your credit report- pay things on time, starts generating positive numbers for you.

As far as the gun- what are you looking for? A $50,000 Holland & Holland double rifle, or a .22 for plinking? I would LIKE to have a Jaguar, but for now I drive a Jeep. So you would LIKE a $1200 custom 1911A1? Maybe what you can afford NOW is a $250 Ruger Mk III .22 pistol- or a gently used $200 S&W .38 Special. I would rather OWN something than OWE somebody. Ya sleep better that way.:rolleyes:

canebrake 11-08-2009 12:20 PM

Can we assume that your reference to "...cause I don't want to register it." refers to the reason for the loan and not some subversion of any firearms law, right?

If this is the case, just get a Christmas shopping loan and buy yourself a Christmas gift!

If you are asking for a way around any laws, Hommie don't do that here!

The FTF flunked our Bar Exam.

Only a fool would take legal advice from us.

Taking legal advice from a public forum is only exceeded in stupidity by the people that offer that advice!

skullcrusher 11-08-2009 10:28 PM

If your credit is good enough to land an unsecured loan, why not go the way of a credit card? Most cases, the interest rate will not be that different. As far as registering, if it is the law of your land, then do so.

Great advise here, and if you have subversive motives, take them elswhere. Loan for a gun, no go unless you have a good buy on a collector's arm where you can sell fast for profit legally.

Slap yourself in the back of the head for even entertaining the thought, imo.

WDB 11-09-2009 12:47 AM

Best advise already give.

Your credit score is NOT an imaginary number. The better your credit score the lower your interest is on a loan and the more money the banks will be willing to lend you. Take good care of credit score and it will serve you well in life, abuse it and expect to pay cash for everything the rest of your life.

freefall 11-09-2009 01:05 AM

When I first got married (many moons ago) a guy with some company tried to sell me a freezer full of frozen food on credit, it was a really good deal. I had never borrowed a dime so got turned down due to no credit history. I said, "Man, it's too bad I can't just pay cash". That was NO Problem, saved me about 25%. Later however, thought it might be nice to have a credit history, so when I wanted to buy a truck, I bought a 90 day CD at a bank for the price plus $100, took out a 90 day personal loan with the CD as collateral, paid off the loan in 90 days and was a Good Citizen as far as the financial world cared. Cost me $100. But I wouldn't borrow money for a gun if I didn't have it.

Kage0113 11-09-2009 02:08 AM

The registering thing is about the law our great politicians want to pass for the $50 gun tax, if they are still debating that. And I have a job and know I will be able to pay it back. Plus I've gotten a loan threw them already.

dirtysouth 11-09-2009 02:31 AM

As for law thing and not wanting to register that gun well if you dont and get busted you can forget ever buying another gun and then maybe facing jail time and fines so hope its a big loan.

As for the loan i wouldnt do it just because that means i owe somebody something. Save up your shekles and then buy a firearm or do layaway thats what i do most of the time.

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