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Is it just me or does the firing line forum seem restrictive compared to this forum

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Originally Posted by canebrake View Post

I think I can speak for the majority of FTF members when I say "I use this forum because it allows me to converse with like minded people."

I'm proud to be here and welcome you to enjoy your time here. Is it just me or does the firing line forum seem restrictive compared to this forum - The Club House
Yeah. What he said....

Look. Other forums like to expound common myths. We explode those myths here. We confront what is the commonly held InterWebz Belief, we examine it from a gun making perspective, and we post what we find for all to see, read, and make their own decisions.

Some people want to be led like sheep - Our Supporting & Senior Members are NOT those type of people...


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As long as you use common sense no one will mess with you here. If you do or say something that should not be said, you will need to worry about the members calling you out before the Mods
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I am a member of
VHA forum
and a few others that I know I am forgetting.

I spend 98% of my forum time right here.

I like Firing line and there is a lot of good info there. They do like you to stick to gun related topics and that. There are more mall ninja types there. I also think that is the board that coined the term Mall Ninja because one member was a team leader of an elite Mall police SWAT team and he duct taped extra basaltic shields to the out side of his vest and made his wife drive different way when she came to pick him up and he had a tactical golf cart (I for get what he called it). I got away from THR when the the infighting started over ownership of the site. It got all girl fight and just went south Admin at both sights would close any thread the even hinted at supporting the other site, I asked the simple question of what happened and what was going on because I hadn't been there in about a week. I got a warning and my thread got closed in a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.

Go Go Varmint Go is my go to varmint site as there are about 10 guys on there that live within 20 miles of me. One is really into the sub calibers and has a few class three toys. I am one of the youngest members at 33 most are retired and spend a majority of their money on guns and varmint hinting trips. They are there to talk guns, varmint hunting, fishing, and anything like that no politics or they get deleted. If you want to talk to guys that have more money tied up in 4 guns than most of us have in our entire collection these are the guys to talk to. Want to know the ins and outs of stuff like case neck anneling these are the guys to go to. We have one member than took a 300 RUM and necked it up to a 338 which is the 338 Edge made a custom rifle out of a remmy action topped it with a nightforce and put it in a McMillan A5 stock all for shooting ground hogs at very very long range.

I have been a member of Rimfire Central for a few years not very active there mainly hang out in the Mossberg and Remington forums. They are very restrictive there you even mention politics and the thread close hammer comes swinging down and hard. The guys on the Mossberg forum at RFC are a great bunch of guys that are a hoot to talk with. I turned my dad on to it about 2 years ago and he has almost 3000 post. They do have a very bad case of offtopicites not a single thread can stay on topic more than 2 maybe 3 pages. I mean I had a thread there that was about me redoing my m46b and it lasted 3 pages before some guy posted pictures of some motorcycle then another posted about his ex seal buddy blowing his big toe off while kicking a pit bull in the head on a search warrant. It is cool with the off topic stuff and thread jacks it is more like a groups of guys chatting face to face in a big room full of guns.

1911 forums has the most comprehensive amount of knowledge on the 1911. There are guys there that do nothing but smith 1911 and they are dam good at it too.

The major drawback to it is the attitude, if your 1911 doesn't cost more than $1911 then they don't wnat to hear about you. Don't mention Kimber or you will be driven off the board. I posted a essay I wrote about my Remmy 700 and the admin deleted it saying it had nothing at all to do with guns. After that my time there fell off and I have not been on the forum in about a year. So it could all be different now.

Varmint Hunting International is a site that grew out of a MSN group. When MSN moved it we decided to move the site to the real web. Not many members but the core group of guys there are some of the best guys out there. The owner of Fox Pro digital callers is an active member there and a few of the guys there hunt with him all the time. These guys are mainly coyote hunters and the owner of the board is president of the Pa Predator Hunters Association.

Predator Masters is a huge board with tens of thousands of members. But if you ask a question you will get no answer other than hey stupid use the search button. I don't know everything on reloading, but I do know my stuff and I corrected a serior member there once and the cheet storm started and I just lost interest and left. One of the best places to find and look at custom game calls WOW there are some nice ones over there.

Why is FTF my home for gun talk. Because we have the best groups of core members out there we have guys like JD who work in a shop, we have police and military trainers and martial arts experts. We have cry babies and new members that get picked on. We have a few that are well unstable (LIKE ME). You guys for the most part take my occasional blow up in stride and forget about it in a few days. Look I have had it out with RL a few times I am glad to see him back we were both dealing with personal life problems and I still think he is a DICK (JK) but a funny one. Look we got a mod that runs around the board posting masturbating bananas Is it just me or does the firing line forum seem restrictive compared to this forum - The Club Housecome on no other forum allows that. The mods are not nanny mommies on the web the allow us to work are arguments out and treat us all like adults. Plus this is a gun forum that has a BOOBIE SECTION how freakin awesome is that.

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Scott, there are other forums, but none as good as I've seen here so far. The only one I've seen that was almost as good is one that's specifically about Glocks... not that it's bad, but kinda one sided.
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jeeze cpttango! ... i caught masturbating bananas. Thats what i remembered most from the quick skim of your post.

We at FTF have a free market approach. Reason usually prevails over the rampant nonsense. But I wouldn't still be a member here if the nonsense was just squashed outright. I come here to be entertained and informed. Rest assured that the trolls will get smacked down and the honest newbies will be enthusiastically nurtured into fine upstanding shooters. Its all done with clever, experienced members and minimal moderator censorship. Free market at its finest
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Of course, you do realize that this is from a couple of years ago
Amendment II:
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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Plus this is a gun forum that has a BOOBIE SECTION...

Where, Where?
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ElsiePea forum is about as restrictive in freedom of speech as is Communist China yesteryear and currently. FTF is by far a much more mature forum for like-minded people.
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I used to be on The Best of the West's forum for a while. Full of blowhards that would just hammer you non stop for saying anything outside of their little box. If you didn't shoot a modified Remington with a huskamaw scope, oh Lordy lord! Your dangerous and incapable of taking game beyond 20 feet! It got real old real quick. Even when I first came here I made damn sure everything had the facts posted with it so nobody could argue. But this turned out to be awesome. Full of good natured guys, like to joke and have fun as much as me, and we can talk about boobs or Springfield XD's or "Ma Duce" or AR's or classic cars or whatever. I really like it here. I can be a whole person with varied interests and fit in. So welcome! I'll gladly respond were I think I can contribute, or make a good joke. If I can't, others will.
Wait, was this thing on?
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From what I have seen, different forums have different people.

Fire line is a decent site, (not a member though.) I really don't see enough of it to see how strict they are, but they do have a lot of info. (try googleing a question about guns, it will most likely pull up either TFL or FTF.)

Other sites are full of guys who know their stuff and will not tolerate BS ( i think)

Some sites are brand loyal (marlin forums, glock forums, hipoint forums, 1911, ect)

Then their are sites deicated to hunting (GGVG,,, ect)

FTF is a combination of all of these. A lot of the members know enough stuff to write a few books (and I wish you guys would ), we cover all types of guns, we talk about hunting, politics, we joke around a lot, and we have quite a bit of freedom. That is why I like this site.
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