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Irritating TV commercials

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I never liked them for whatever reason, probably the annoying music they throw into the commercials..
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned the highly irritating and virtually incomprehensible AT&T cell phone ads with the ugly bitch lecturing either her son or her husband about AT&T minutes. Dumb.

And any drug commercial. If it's so great, why have 75% of your friggin' commercial with warning's about the possible side effects?*

Spare me the FDA ad requirements - that's not the point.
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I find the Gekko to be mildly amusing, but the stack of money started off bad and got worse. The cavemen are just stupid. I would cancel my GEICO cycle policy if I could find anything comparably cheap.

The stupid AT&T rollover minutes just pisses me off. Slap the stupid off the kid's face and take his cell phone. If he cannot get it through his thick head, retroactively abort him.

Brinks and their digital forcefield that surrounds your house. Give me a break, By the time we even get the call from the security company the perp has had about 4 minutes to do what he will. Our response time to a priority call is usually less than that, but now he has an 8 minute head start. The burglars know this and ignore the alarm, rip off what they can find quickly and skedaddle.

Commercials in the movie theater before the main attraction. Not the previews but the commercials for Coke and the new NBC fall lineup. If you cannot make enough money selling $10 buckets of 50 cent popcorn maybe you have a bad business model. I go to the movies about 2X a year. It takes me 6 months to forget how much I hate movie theaters.

+1 on the pharmaceuticals. If there is a rare but serious side effect like DEATH, I don't think I am interested. The ED meds nauseate me.

The stupid condom and personal lubricant ads. "Enhances her pleasure"? Do it right little willy and she will experience pleasure. If you need to rub some Icy Hot on it, you have a problem. Nuff said.
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Originally Posted by robocop10mm View Post
The stupid condom and personal lubricant ads. "Enhances her pleasure"? Do it right little willy and she will experience pleasure. If you need to rub some Icy Hot on it, you have a problem. Nuff said.
ROFLMAO WOW...the Ultimate Guide to Sex/Kama Sutra in two lines. That's classic, Robo

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LMFAO, Robo. "Icy Hot". Funny and true.

"I have a settlement and I need cash now" is a bit irritating as well.
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Originally Posted by pandamonium View Post
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I had to laugh at first, but now I'm finding every one of her commercials irritating...the Progressive insurance chick with the bright RED lipstick that tells the guy in the couple...

"So you won't have to carry her purse"

And his wife replies...

"It's a EUROPEAN Shoulder Bag"

And the castrated hubbie says...

"It was a gift" and bats his eyes at his mighty whip-cracking mistress

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It may be a Florida tourism board thing...maybe not. It's not very effective. But, it's just a voice wispering, and it's a loud throuty wisper...just aweful. If I ever remember what it is I'll go out of my way not to give them my $.

I'm pretty sick of all the Avatar commercials too. Not that they're annoying, but my gosh, if it needs this much airtime.....

If the cavemen were to get beaten in the face with a premitive club, I wouldn't be sad.
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Oooohhhh, this is a thread that could nuclear over night....


We have had some great mentions, but what about some of these pieces of shi'ite??

Head on, you apply it right to your forehead. Really, I got a better use for it. I am going to take the Head On guy and ram his head right up...

Bob from Enzyte's Enlarged prostrate and kick him in his new bag of giant toys. This grinning F**KER needs to get beat about the head and neck by a cue ball stuffed into a tube sock and couple with a bag of wood screws....

Subway and their stupid singing construction workers. What was even worse was when they did the blooper reel and made another commercial on how these geniuses couldn't even get the god damn song write. I hope they all fall into a cement mixer and get poured into the foundation of the Hoffa Building.

Not to be outdone, Quizno's comes up with some stupid homo-erotic talking oven with Barry White's voice and some sloppy haired Muppet that can't think for himself and yet stuck his PENIS in a hot oven. Yeah, that makes me want a sammich. The F**K is that all about?!

Anything involving old people who can't take care of themselves and need LIFE ALERT. Really? My grandparents didn't need it and they lived just fine by themselves. Old does NOT equal you become a moron and incapable of living your life.

TWIX - Suddenly jamming a whole candybar in your suck hole is a way to buy time from being a total douchebag?? Since when? I hope you choke on that damn candy bar and the hot chick steps on your face on the way out the door.

Microsoft's Loser Seinfeld Commercial. That makes me want to rent a Ryder truck. I am just saying. Seinfeld was NEVER relevant. NEVER. There is a special place in hell reserved for that POS. And I would LOVE to arrange that meeting as soon as possible....

I could go on and on....

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Originally Posted by NGIB View Post
The commercial I want to see shows the BG kicking in the door - and then receiving a full mag of 230 JHPs in the face (from a 1911 of course)...
Will this do?

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Gone are the days of "WHERE'S THE BEEF".

Originally Posted by Troy Michalik View Post
The Gieco Gecko is easier to stomach than the stack of money with googly eyes.
I agree completely. I like the one with the hissing frilled lizard as a guest star.

Originally Posted by TXnorton View Post
What pisses me off the most are the commercials for the "Tax Relief" organizations. Some really Goober looking a$$hat and his dild0 wife are smiling stupidly at the camera and stating how they owed $100,000 in back taxes and settled for only $1,000.
Truly irritating considering my previous job as a state tax auditor, the initial notice on a CP2000 or similar missing 1099-type "audit" didn't include the associated expenses & adjustments to itemized deductions that usually weren't available to the auditor. It always made me nervous when an income tax notice came back with a check & no adjustments. (i was young and needed the money OK) In other words, any decent accountant could knock a good bit off the first notice amount without even breaking a sweat. I much preferred auditing the casinos; they always took the first notice as a starting point & worked out the legitimate adjustments.
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