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maine10mm 07-16-2008 05:14 PM

im new in the game! help
i live in maine (hense the name lol) i carry a glock for self defence. firearms have been a pashoin of ming since i a young age via hunting and clay shooting. any thing alow me to do more with fire arms is my goal. that and going to school for pistolsmithing and gunsmithing. is there any thing i can do at my age that will help my goal???

Dillinger 07-16-2008 06:31 PM

Here is a great place to start. Get a copy of this book and devour it. There are a lot of really good ideas in there about how to take a factory rifle and make a tack driver out of it.

After that, come back here and ask questions until you are blue in the face. Or, find yourself a custom gun shop and offer to sweep up and clean the machines if they teach you stuff ( glass bedding, trigger jobs, basic lathe work ).

Best of luck - and always remember that you will NEVER know all there is to know about firearms, it's a constant learning curve....


maine10mm 07-16-2008 08:54 PM

thanks ill do that. there isnt many gun shops around here so i got to find one. do you think its worth getting my ffl?

Dillinger 07-16-2008 09:08 PM

What is your purpose for it? To buy and sell weapons? It's only practical if you can move inventory. It's kind of expensive, it's paperwork up the rear end and you have to redo it each 3 year period I believe. You have to keep meticulous records, it's kind of a pain in the ass, unless you can afford to tie up a bunch of money. I really wouldn't suggest it at this point and time...


Minionsram 07-16-2008 10:24 PM

Get that McPherson book on accurizing, like dillinger said it is a wealth of knowladge. Any time you go to a firearms show browse the books there, you can get some more for pretty cheap. If you had the cash to spend you could go to AGI or one of those at home study corses for a baseline of knowladge aslo. If you are just starting out at gunsmithing I would not get your FFL.

If you dont have a good custom shop in your area, check out the yellow pages and look for a store or gunshop that is owned by someone that has been in the buisness for a while. They could teach you to fix general wepons problems and then you could go from there. You got to start somewhere.

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