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cbw 10-20-2008 03:51 PM

Illegal Stops occurring across USA?
While surfing the net I came across a site that tracks illegal road stops across the USA. I'm sure you have run up on some of these, they are set up as DUI check-points, Drug checkpoints, Safety checks etc.. Anyway if this is true information it's scary to think that we are losing more freedoms and maybe not aware of it. Anyway here is the link to the site, check it out and provide some feedback.

If you work you way around the page you will see some very police state equipment that is being used, and I have seen some of this in use.:eek:

bkt 10-20-2008 04:52 PM

A trucker called in to a local talk show host on the radio to report he had been pulled over and detained. He was initially told it was a routine D.O.T. stop only to later find they were looking for untaxed fuel and drugs.

He was lied to by law enforcement, and there was no probable cause for being pulled over. The driver said he went back in his car later and saw other trucks had also been pulled over for the same check.

This took place in Tonawanda, New York on the Thruway (Rt 90) I think he said.

cbw 10-20-2008 06:13 PM

So big brother is at work, not that I ever had doubts!

ticktwrter 10-20-2008 06:27 PM

As a police officer in the midwest, I don't see these events happening like you say. Sobriety checkpoints are allowed by Indiana law and also have requirement of what needs to be done to have such an event. We no longer can conduct seat belt checkpoints in Indiana. I'm sure there are some officers who uses these events for other than pure events, but that is the vast minority. I am a very pro-second amendment officer as are the majority of officers I know and work with. I think it does a disservice for those who think that law enforcement is out to get them.

NickoD 10-20-2008 07:43 PM

I have to put my cop hat on and say that I don't see any problems with random checks, especially to catch DUI drivers. I am not sure where all the "big brother" comments are coming from. If you are a legal, registered, and sober driver you have nothing to worry about.

Just this weekend we stopped a drunk driver that had a 2 month year old in the car with him. His wife was at home so drunk that she had stopped breathing. In his drunkeness instead of calling 911 he decided to drive around to "find a cop".


BigO01 10-20-2008 07:53 PM

Cops/Government entities are always pulling illegal/stupid crap and trying to get away with it .

We just had a local news piece the other day where this Lady's parked car was stolen , she reported it as soon as she discovered it , couple of days later she gets one of those Photo tickets in the mail with a time/day stamp on it .

Lucky for her it happened after she had already reported it stolen , yet when she called the Department that issued it and explained everything they had the nerve to tell her she was still responsible for the ticket as the burden of proof was on her and she would need to show up for court and talk to the judge . Funny they changed their tune and the PA called her back and told her to forget the whole thing after she called a TV station and they did a story on it on the news .

O and the picture was of the rear of the car going through the light and the drivers face couldn't be seen .

Now it seems by owning a vehicle your automatically guilty of any crime it was involved in and they don't have to prove anything else , which is total BS .

I think if the Founders were to rise from the dead they would take one look at our current government and begin chanting " Armed Revolt , Armed Revolt" It's way past time for talking with these people .

cbw 10-20-2008 08:19 PM

The "big brother" comment is not directed towards "cops" as much as the government (local or national) interfering with the average citizens ability to drive from point A to B. I will put my "sick of this $%i^ hat on" and say that it sure seams funny that every major holiday when the working person gets the opportunity to let off some steam, there are always additional "traffic safety checkpoints" or some other BS put up to interrupt out lives. I DO NOT IN ANY WAY support people who drive under the influence of ANYTHING! I also do not hold the police at fault as they are just following orders, it's the people who give these orders that I have a problem with, and YES I do vote to rid the system of these types if I know who they are.:mad:

bkt 10-20-2008 08:39 PM

Law Enforcement officers around the country deserve our praise and thanks. There may be a few screw-ups out there, but the vast majority seem to be very professional people who put their lives on the line daily for precious little thanks. So, thank you.

That said, the following never gets old:
Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
I don't take kindly to being detained, even briefly, at checkpoints when I have not given anyone probable cause. Some may not see a problem with it, but many people do and the law is on their side.

This is a tiny, insignificant, pointless, ridiculous little thing to bitch about. But add it to the ever-growing very large list of such things, and the aggregate doesn't point to anything good. Someone in another thread wrote this quote by Aristotle: "Revolutions are not about trifles, but they are produced by trifles." How 'bout we try to reduce the number of trifles rather than increasing them or defending them?

cbw 10-20-2008 09:09 PM

Clubhouse-Open forum -general discussion, talk about anything, did I leave the planet? :confused:

BigO01 10-20-2008 09:10 PM


I don't take kindly to being detained, even briefly, at checkpoints when I have not given anyone probable cause. Some may not see a problem with it, but many people do and the law is on their side.
Man you ain't kiddin with those stupid "checkpoints"

Last time I got caught in one was a Christmas night when the kids were little and it was so stupid .

After the normal morning with the kids doing their thing then we had to start the rounds , my parents , her parents I'm sure you all know the drill .

Last visit was a Nephews house and we watched a kids/Christmas movie and then left near midnight .

Get stopped in a trap and had to pull into a strip mall lot , Two kids asleep one awake needs to P as does the wife , it's 10 degrees wind howling snowing you name it and they didn't even want to see my license or anything just want me to join them for a cup of coffee and donuts in a big Tent like deal they have set up with the help of a Lions club .

Cops were nice but after having 3 rotate to the car to get in my face to see if they could smell booze asking me to have some refreshment I had had it .

Asked if they had a Porta potty for the kid and wife , no of course they didn't , asked if I was suppose to come have a chat and a donut while they wet their pants in the car and they finally looked embarrassed and pointed to the exit , cleared they way and let us go .

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