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Idiots on motorcycles

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What blows me away is seeing a super bike pilot in shorts,no shirt and flip flops. If I was a kamikaze bee I know what I'd target.
The rest of the world gets it,why can't we?
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Originally Posted by NGIB View Post
The formation of 3 "kids" on crotch rockets that blew by me on I-95 in Savannah were probably doing at least 120 and they were scooting between cars and just riding stupidly.
Indeed. These turds are either racing, doing 130-160 mph, weaving in and out of traffic, or passing me on one wheel and staying up for a mile or so down the road. Where's a damn pothole when ya need one?

Idiots on motorcycles - The Club House


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I want to make a run of bumper stickers "watch for cars"(in place of the watch for motorcycle bumper stickers) and go around putting them on peoples crotch rockets .

If going to cruise around at 120mph in traffic fine but you better be watching for me because seeing you is no longer my problem.
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Originally Posted by NGIB View Post
I was coming back from SC yesterday afternoon and since it was a nice day I ran into two types of folks riding bikes:

1. The old farts on Harleys & Goldwings that cruise in the fast lane at 10 MPH under the speed limit.

2. The young idiots on crotch rockets that weave in and out of lanes at well over 100 MPH.

Does either of these groups of idiots realize that they make life difficult for those of us that ride in a reasonable fashion? It's no wonder that so many auto drivers have no respect for bike riders...
The stupid, they are destined to wind up in the obituary of social Darwinism. (Unless the Gub-o-mint saves them.)

Hey ktmboyz, what's your take on this thread?

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I think the idiots weaving like there is no tomorrow are the greatest danger, but to people in cars how great of a danger are they? I'd love to see some statistics I would think that it'd be the bikers coming out on the bum end of that deal. It is not my responsibility to watch out for you going 130mph down the highway, you hit the bumper of my suburban not my fault. Though I am very cautious whenever around them, I'm scared for them!
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Originally Posted by Duddn View Post
I'm a man, I see it as my obligation to like guns. And they are just so fun.

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My KLR650 has half the HP of a similar displacement Crotch Rocket - helps keep us older riders out of trouble, and I can go where the Rocket Jockeys cannot even dream of going.
I once nearly got nailed by a silly college girl in a Nissan zooming into me from a side street - she didn't even look to see if traffic was coming! I dodged the fool. Two weeks later a Rocket Jockey wearing a T-shirt and shorts was wheelying right in the same place during lunch hour rush! Had that girl been there again, he'd have become 'street pizza' real quick.....
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I used to that kid on the sport bike flying all over. Then, when I got a little money, I bought a harley, now I fly that all over. I thought it'd slow me down.
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A couple of days ago, near Seattle, a "rocket rider" hit a car head-on. They estimate his speed in excess of 100 mph. From the pics on the news, the forks and handle bars seem to imbedded in what was left of the small car, the rest of the bike was just a jumbled mess of metal and plastic laying in the street.
Of course he died, they said he was late 20's, or early 30's. The car driver had minor injuries.
I have never rode a "rocket", now ride a Harley, and I ride reasonably , and enjoy the ride, ...but then,...I'm an old fart....
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I have a Kawasaki Z1000, and like Dave said, it's capable of 140+. And in my younger days, I'd have seen just what that "+" amounted to. But I find that as I approach 40 (years old, not MPH ) I'm just not as worried about what the "+" adds up to. I'm content just plugging along at the speed limit or a tick over, whatever lets me outpace traffic a little bit. Now that's not to say that I don't enjoy the occasional run up the canyon at a spirited pace, just not quite as spirited as it used to be.
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Back when I was young and cool I rode all kinds of bikes. I was never the type to zip in and out of traffic but I"m a little paranoid of card not seeing me then changing lanes when next to me. So I always gave the same distances as I do in a car now. When I wanted to really open it up there's always some deserted place to do things liek that. Everyplace has at least one of these places.
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