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JiroZero713 02-21-2009 05:19 AM

I dislike being Nice all the time
Today I ran into some old buds from Highschool at the mall yesterday...these people don't change. In highschool I was consider the weird know the guy to make fun of. I smiled through that and used it to my advantage and gained some friends.

Hell I remember one time these former friends were throwing crap at me at the lunch table...well since I figured they weren't eating I in a mad rage slam their food unto the floor. I gained some friends after that because I finally snapped in a way and we grew to talk with each other...made up such and such. Getting yelled at by a police officer over food isn't my favorite thing to do...was just one of those days.

Anyway...I meet these same people...and he tells me he's an art major...I say cool man sounds good. Then I tell him I joined the Navy....they laugh at me.

The ****ing laugh at me. I've never been so god **** hurt in my life. I calmed down eventually but I was about to break some skulls...but I didn't want to risk my Navy advantages with a damn police report.

CA357 02-21-2009 05:25 AM

You will learn that there are two kinds of men in our Country; those who served and those that wish they had.

When they get older, many of them will regret their choices. You have made a mans choice.

JiroZero713 02-21-2009 05:30 AM

It's not that.

It's just the laughter of some people who I thought we my friends laughing at me for this like I didn't amount to sh*t to them. I'm a very passive person...I get angry easily though....but I don't like to raise my fists....this was the one time where you know....I was cool....but that kind of stuff people need their teeth bend in like a Beasly through a steel garage door.

JiroZero713 02-21-2009 05:36 AM

Eh forgive the double post.

I talked with him online....apparantly he had an emergency and really he was shocked I was doing it and was happy for me.

It was his friend that really pissed me off...I assumed they were both laughing at me since they both left real quick.

He's apologized so we are cool now....but the other dude...well let's say I'm going to tell him off the next time I see him.

CA357 02-21-2009 05:39 AM

Let it go. The guy's a knucklehead, who cares?

JiroZero713 02-21-2009 05:47 AM

I let it go...but I speak my mind most of the time. One of my faults...I've learned to supress that recently though with just a simple hand gesture or two word f vendetta instead of getting in someones face.

dragunovsks 02-21-2009 05:52 AM

That's alright man, later in life when you have a great paying career that stemmed from your Navy career you'll be laughing while he struggles to pay his rent while trying sell crappy paintings and homo sculptures of naked men. My best friend in high school joined the Navy (it was a surprise that he chose the Navy cause he was always talking about the Army Rangers) and while we poked fun for a little while he doing good. We poked fun but it's the kind of fun you poke at a really good buddy. Anyway's he is an aircraft mechanic and he is getting ready to go to the UAE for a few months.

As far as high school goes, I was kinda like you. I wasn't the most popular but I wasn't an outcast. I hungout with the more redneck crowd, alot of us drove lifted 4x4 trucks covered with mud to school everyday. We were the guys that were always gettin' in trouble for doing burnouts, donuts and truck pulls in the parking lot.

The other day I ran into another guy I went to school with, a guy that was always too stuck up to talk to me or my friends because he was a jock or whatever. Anyways, now he has 3 kids and is unemployed and has been since high school (he graduated 5 years ago) as is his wife. What a loser, makes me not feel so bad about driving a damn dumptruck. Another guy I went to school with who was also a stuck up prick is now working on WALL STREET, so he's probably part of the reason our country is in the ****hole that it's in.

I didn't go to college and I'm doing better than most of my class, in fact one of my redneck buddies works for CAT. He's a field service tech which is a good paying job and has a company Ford F-450 that he takes home everyday.

My 5 year reunion is coming up soon so I'm kinda anxious to see what everyone's doing.

JiroZero713 02-21-2009 05:59 AM

Well he's a great guy we made up online just now so we are cool.

He was always being made fun of for being Mormon.

While I don't agree with the religion at least he never got in anyone's face about it. He's a great guy. He was an outcast because of his religion and that just ain't right.

So we buddied up sometimes...not all the time but enough for me to stick up for him and even grab some punk by the neck who was making fun of him. I remember me pulling a guys collar and telling him in the most bad ass voice, "You even utter one ****ing word other than I'm sorry to this guy I'm going to throw you through a fence so hard that you'd only look good in a plate of spaghetti."

Good times.

JiroZero713 02-21-2009 06:05 AM

I'd have to disagree Bovice I think art is wondeful. I'm actually a writer myself...or I'd like to was a hobby for me but not a profession...but either way.

JiroZero713 02-21-2009 06:30 AM

It's fine. We made up and he's a cool's just the other Dbag that got on my nerves. I'm going to do the same crap to him next time we meet.

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