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sarge_257 02-04-2011 03:59 PM

How do you fold women's panties. Read first before you judge
Now before you go getting the wrong idea, this is a legitimate question. Let me give you some back ground first. My wife, known as Lt. Linda, is a hard working gal. When we were first married we suddenly found that the combination of two families out reached our income so Linda went to work. When she came home from a hard day at work her second job started. She cooked dinner for 6 and then after dinner her third job started. She did the laundry. Now you are probably wondering where Sarge was and why he could not help out. Well he also had two jobs. Working in Engineering at Western Gas Resources all day and teaching at night. The girls took care of the dishes and helped clean the house. But Linda worked a 14 hr. day for years. So now both Sarge and Lt. Linda are retired and Sarge decided that little Linda needed a break. So he took over the jobs of doing dishes, cleaning the house, and doing the laundry. So that a well deserving Linda could have time to her self, start a few hobbies and join some ladies clubs.
Now we come to the problem.
Sarge does the laundry just like he does every thing. With Military precision. Clothes are neatly folded after taking them out of the dryer and sorted to each person. Now guys, I don't know if you have noticed but women are bigger in the rear than they are in the front. Here in is the problem. It is impossible to fold a article of clothing that is larger on one side then the other. No problem with the boys boxer shorts or any of the men's clothes which are all resonablely square. Sarge has asked his spouse how to do it and she picks the article up and goes zip zap zip and has them folded. But Sarge got lost somewhere in the zap. So, can the ladies in this forum send Sarge a private message with some instructions? I promise to erase it as soon as I have gained enough skill to carry me through. I better erase it cause if Linda ever see's it, I will need to some medical skills too.
I thought long and hard before putting this query on the net. But it seems to be the only way to learn.
PS: I don't suppose there is a web site on this problem?

Overkill0084 02-04-2011 05:01 PM

I would mosey over to your local Victoria's Secret and talk to the helpful staff. Seriously, who better to answer this question than people that sell them by the truckload.

Neophyte1 02-04-2011 05:03 PM

Sarge hahaha
sarge_257: hahaha Sir, I aint gonna try and help:) lolol; wadding them up; will not git you any browni'ee points hahahha

Some of them ''un-mentionables'' don't fold hahaha:)

Swiftyjuan 02-04-2011 05:48 PM

I cheated; I googled it. There were several answers, but the best to me was to fold the crotch to the top, then roll left to right. Not being an underwear folder, that is the best I can do. Good luck Sarge.

notdku 02-04-2011 06:15 PM

I've given up on folding clothes, I can't get it right. If you figure it out, please let us know.

Car54 02-04-2011 07:21 PM

I'm forbidden to (a) do her laundry, and (b) touch any her laundry once it's done so I have no clue.

c3shooter 02-04-2011 08:02 PM

Place panties on a flat surface, elastic at top, facing up. Lay a 1 inch wooden dowel across the crotch, running left to right. Roll dowel up, rolling panties. Slide dowel out. Panties now look same way they did in that cute little packet from the store. Stack in drawer aligned w/ side of drawer. Hide dowel so Lt. Linda does not WHONK you with dowel.

You only have to do this once. After that, you wll never be asked to do it again. :p

danf_fl 02-04-2011 08:27 PM

No matter how neat, creased, folded they are, if you have them inside out when you finished, you will be relieved of that responsibility.

worked for me.

Mema 02-04-2011 08:38 PM

Sarge I PM'd you;)

Mema 02-04-2011 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by danf_fl (Post 437164)
No matter how neat, creased, folded they are, if you have them inside out when you finished, you will be relieved of that responsibility.

worked for me.

Your right that would work. masterPsmith is not allowed to fold my clothes or even hand them up. He can however change them from the washer to the dryer and that is about it. I have never gotten him to understand how to fold womens clothing and I stopped trying. :D

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