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how am i suppose to know if i dont ask!

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Originally Posted by willfully armed View Post
Read this douchers other posts.

I think he's 12. And from Illinois. And a Democrat.
Yea I know. I was just trying to lighten the mood a little.
Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.

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Default alrite

thick skin. i got it.
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Originally Posted by trip286
What did you expect us all to say? We are being held here against our will? Everyone here is here because they want to be, so yes, of course we think it's the best there is. If you haven't noticed, some of us have arguments, some of us don't like some of the other members (I can think of 2 right off the top of my head that I can't stand, wouldn't piss on them to put a fire out) but we are all still here.

Get to know us a bit. The response you got in your other thread can also be taken to show how much we care for our community here. Would you like to be a member where the people fight for their community? Some places would ban you for calling the forum members in general a bunch of jackasses, but here you are granted the opportunity to kiss and make up. The choice is yours. Stick around and make some friends, or don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.
Dang trip, i didnt know that you disliked me that much :-(
Semper paratus.....virtute et armis
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The Balota's
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Originally Posted by vito77 View Post
you bunch jackass's!!! maybe this forum does suck!! or maybe the club house does!!
Not a bunch of jackasses! I am the "queen of questions" here and I have never been treated badly. Of course, most of my questions are gun related and I know that I am asking those questions on the best gun forum on the web.

Originally Posted by willfully armed View Post
Read this douchers other posts.

I think he's 12. And from Illinois. And a Democrat.
Easy on the 'from Illinois' comments. Though I have been called a "bleeding heart liberal" here and I didn't cry about it. Just shrugged my shoulders and moved on. how am i suppose to know if i dont ask! - The Club House

Originally Posted by TekGreg View Post
Did I miss a meeting? What is the OP referring to - is there another post, or does anyone know?

Seems a bit on the negative side for starting a thread without a clear subject.
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Vito, the way you asked your question and the question itself came across as insulting. If you didn't mean to offend, no harm, no foul. However this is a great forum and many of us here not only enjoy and support it, but we have a tendency to monitor for trolls, idiots and spammers.

Let it go, read up and get to know this place and us. There are other forums out there, some may even be "better" since that's a relative term. But we like this one.
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Originally Posted by MrWray

Dang trip, i didnt know that you disliked me that much :-(
Now you know I'm not talking about you man.
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Seriously, you need to calm down. This is the internet. A thick skin and a tolerance/recognition of sarcasm are required.
Your previous thread regarding "are there better forums...", hit more than a few nerves. There are a number of more specialized forums out there. Google is your friend. Type in your subject of interest, add the word forum & hit enter. I for one, am a member of a number of different gun related forums. This one is one of my favorites because it is inhabited by adults, but not adults who take themselves to seriously. I stopped going to another "Oh so serious, we are all adults here" forum. I had a few posts deleted because I was deemed too confrontational or too sarcastic, or too whatever. Then there are the brand or gun specific forums that seem to be inhabited by rabid, frothing at the mouth fanboys who will take no negative comments about __________ brand of gun. A few of those may wander through here now and again, but for the most part, this forum strikes a good middle ground that I find quite welcoming. FWIW, this is the only forum I visit where I felt like paying to become a supporting member.

The point is, what is it your looking for? This forum is good, but if your looking for something specific, I'm sure any of the members here will be happy to steer you in the direction you need. Just try asking in a polite and productive manner.
Is there a better forum...? Not really the sort of question that will be thought of as positive. It WILL generate indignant and sarcastic responses. Imagine that.
Is there a better forum for reloading information? Is there a better forum for 1911 specific information? Give the members enough info to actually help, before you get disgrunted and confrontational.
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vito, my feelings toward your question lies with the other members, it was like someone walked into my house and slapped me in the face. i take offence at that. i had lurked around here off and on, time to time, before i joined. i joined because i felt like it was one of the best firearms forum out there. after joining, and being on here a while, just reinforces my decision. one of the things i really like about this forum, you might agree with someone on some subjects and disagree on others, buddy, that's real life. so as far as i'm concerned, if this this forum doesn't fit your needs or you feel there are better forums, you are free to go look for them.
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Originally Posted by vito77 View Post
you bunch jackass's!!! maybe this forum does suck!! or maybe the club house does!!
WTF? Whats the question?
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Originally Posted by Rick1967 View Post
Yea I know. I was just trying to lighten the mood a little.
I dunno, you'd think even a 12-yo from Illinois would know how to spell "better".

This is the best firearms forum around, and yeah, it's pretty insulting to join up and immediately start asking if there's a better one. Stay or don't, but please learn to engage brain before typing such questions.

WOC, no slight whatsoever was intended towards persons from Illinois, although for the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone would want to live that far north!

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