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CA357 03-21-2010 03:16 AM

How about an FTF Flea Market?
I was just thinking that maybe we could clean out our holster drawers, safes, shops and storage areas and sell the extra gun stuff we have accumulated, but no longer have need for.

We could set a time limit of a week for the thing to run, then close it down. My thinking is that we could donate a percentage of sales to FTF to help defray operating costs.

Maybe do it as an annual thing?

Watcha' think?

saviorslegacy 03-21-2010 03:22 AM

I like the idea.
I think a special forum should be made just for this occasion. Have the forum closed when the flea market is not open. Either that or you could just delete the forum until next year/however many times this will be done.

+1 to OP

Rick1967 03-21-2010 03:24 AM

Sounds good to me. I am always looking for some more crap I don't really need. You can never have enough gun stuff!!!

Shihan 03-21-2010 03:31 AM

I have a few holsters, that don't get used.

CA357 03-21-2010 03:42 AM

Let's see if the idea gets enough support and then we can approach Mount Olympus with the idea. ;)

doctherock 03-21-2010 04:05 AM

im not a supporting member yet but like the idea

Shihan 03-21-2010 04:56 AM


Originally Posted by doctherock (Post 253837)
im not a supporting member yet but like the idea

Pony up the Dough, what you waiting on?

CA357 03-22-2010 03:07 PM

I'm bumping this for more feedback.

spittinfire 03-22-2010 03:18 PM

I'm up for it but I don't have much stuff I can get rid of. Might have a few bucks I can burn though.

Benning Boy 03-22-2010 03:32 PM

I like this idea, but how do you envision the nuts and bolts? How will it run, technically?

I guess you could do the thread, evrybody with something could post pics, and transactions could be carried out through PMs.

Or is there a better way?

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