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I work when things need to get done, so anywhere from 50-60 hours a week. Sometimes less, but not often.


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I'm a plant operations manager so it changes day to day. Through the winter I'll be in the plant 60-80 hours a week. In the summer things slow down and I'll work 45-50 hours a week.


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My current job is 40 hours. My previous job was three years of six-ten hour days. I made a lot of money, but never had time to spend it, and on my days off, I was too dang tired to do anything.


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Originally Posted by winds-of-change View Post
Your schedules would KILL me. Where I work, they discourage overtime. They want you to pass off any work you have going to the next shift.

It seems like it would be cheaper to hire another person or two than to pay all that overtime.
Probably depends on the job and where you are at. Where I work time and a half plus benefits is cheaper than 2 people at straight time plus benefits. But that does change if the work isn't done on time.

I average between 45 and 55 depending on what is available. If there are extra runs available I always take them, but I am not always greedy enough to stay and load and unload trucks.
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Last week, 65ish. This week, at least 65, maybe more.

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48 per. But since our work week is from 24:00 Sun. to 24:00 Sun. And we work 4 on/4 off (so your work week advances 1 day each shift as this shift, I start Monday. Work four, off four, go back on Tuesday). So I get a few weeks paid at 8 hours OT, and a few at 36 hours.
Another words, if I work Thursday through Sunday, I get 8 hrs. OT.
If I work Friday through Monday, I'm hosed. I worked 48 hours straight, but Monday goes on the next week, so I get paid for the 36 hours. Monday's 12 hours go on the next week.
Now I have four days off and come back on Saturday. So now I have that Monday, this Saturday and Sunday on this check. 36 hours.
And believe me, there are more short weeks over a year than long weeks.
But hey, I'm working. I'm glad to have it.
I rent, own both my vehicles, and my kids are on their own.
I feel bad for the young guy's that are trying to keep families going on this pay system. Make their mortgage, car payments, buy groceries on their big checks, and starve for the short weeks.
Lots of mornings (I go in at 04:00) I take in donuts, and if it's really cold, I'll take in bags of McDs sausage biscuits (the only thing open at that time) to give the guys something hot to eat.

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I work 50-55 hrs and get payed 40-100hrs a week. Im payed on comission so it all just depends on what work comes in.


Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. –Mark Twain

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I am at work 24 hours a day for 28 days. Then I'm off 28 days.

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I'm retired. I used to work 60 to 90 hours a week. I miss those days. had a lot more money back then, and a lot less time to spend it!


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I live at my business. I get out of here about two hours a week. My day starts at 10 am and I work till midnight, 7 days a week. Done this for years. Last vacation was 2005.

Just locked up and enjoying the company of two platinum blondes in the hot tub. Living at work, does have perks. The blondes, are my Maltese buddies. They sit on the edge as I feed them treats.

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