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skullcrusher 05-30-2009 03:45 AM

Here's a test for fun
Can you pass this test? Read the questions and write down your answers. The expected answers follow. Have fun.

Sample INS Citizenship Questions

Note any questions that you deem anti. I saw a few. :p

falseharmonix 05-30-2009 05:12 AM


Originally Posted by skullcrusher (Post 110890)
Note any questions that you deem anti. I saw a few. :p


MrKimber 05-30-2009 07:25 AM

A few stand out for me, here's 2 of them.....

#16. Who elects the President of the United States?
The electoral college :confused:

#86. Name one benefit of being citizen of the United States.
Obtain federal government jobs, travel with U.S. passport, petition for close relatives to come to the U.S. to live.

Obtain government jobs??? Please!

c3shooter 05-30-2009 12:43 PM

Well, just to nit-pick, on the NEW exam, they ask what war Eisenhower was in, and list WW II. He was also in WW I, and Korea (came back from retirement in 1951 to head NATO)

President IS elected by Electoral College. When you vote, you are actually voting to direct who the Elector is to vote for.

Govt Jobs? HAH! Being a member of the US Military is a govt job, and you do not have to be a citizen.

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