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Here goes my rant....

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I had a drain plug put on with lock tight and an air wrench. I caught the guy red handed. I walked into the shop (ignoring the "no customers in shop"policy) and commenced to make my drill instructors proud.

His excuse? It was quicker and easier.

I usually do all my own work, but I was in Louisiana and needed it done RIGHT NOW, and had none of my tools.

In the end, I got a new oil pan because the threads were stripped.
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Originally Posted by rjd3282

Speaking as former professional mechanic you should reconsider the fram oil filter. Got to be one of the worst filters on the market. Just a little friendly advise.
Ive heard that too, someone told the filter is just paper and when the oil hits it, it falls apart. He said its like dumping a shredded paper bag in your engine.
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Back in the '90's my wife was doing the QuarterHorse show thing and we bought a new '94 Chevy dually to pull her trailer. She wanted chrome wheels on the front so I took the truck to a wheel shop to have them installed. Next morning one front tire was flat in my driveway. When I tried to put on the spare I couldn't get the lug nuts off. Finally broke off three lug bolts, the other five came off but the threads were stripped. Turned out the idiot at the wheel shop had used a torque wrench set for 150 pounds of torque. They offered to warranty the replacement bolts but not the labor. I took it back to the dealer for repair. Second instance, same truck two years later. Hard towing miles so I took it to a Chevy dealer on a Wednesday to have the transmission oil and filter changed before the wife left on Saturday for a haul to Florida. Picked it up Wednesday evening, parked it in the driveway. Next morning transmission fluid running across the driveway into the gutter. I looked underneath and the transmission oil pan was installed with only one bolt in each corner. Called the service dept. and they said 'bring it back.' I said come pick it up. They did, much apology, etc. I picked it up that afternoon, took it home. Next morning checked the transmission fluid level; none showing on the dipstick. Took it back to the service dept, the manager said 'leave it and we'll check it out. THAT"S when I had the screaming fit in front of all the customers in the service dept! Third instance. Years pass. Time to have the u-joints replaced in the drive shaft. Take it to another dealer service center. They have a new hire do the job. It's a two piece driveshaft. He doesn't mark the shaft orientation when he takes it apart. As soon as I drive it across the lot I can feel the vibration so I drive right around to the service entrance. They proclaim no knowledge of what I'm talking about and have no solution for the problem. I had to take it to a specialist to get the shaft re-balanced. Wonder why I get a twitch when something goes wrong with my vehicle that I can't fix!
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Originally Posted by dragunovsks View Post
So sunday im driving down the highway in my truck and my passenger window suddenly rolls down and wouldnt go back up. I go back home and start taking the door apart, couldnt get the panel off so i took it to a friends house who used to be a mechanic at a ford dealer. We got the window up so the seat wouldnt get wet and he says i need a new window regulator and motor. He called oriellys in town and they said it would be in tuesday....

Fast forward to today. I go to get my parts and the only thing they have is a The counter guy says itll be in tomorrow...and another 100 bucks of course.

After i got home i decided to call them just to double check im getting what i need and talked to a different guy. He says they can get a motor but not the regulator, not available. So what the **ck did you order?

I got a little heated so i decided to start over with a different auto parts store, decided to call advance auto parts. I told the lady on the phone, power window regulator w/ motor (said it 3 times) passenger side for 04 F-150. No problem sir itll be here tomorrow at 3 pm for 95 bucks.

Oreillys wanted 160, dont ask me how they gave me a price for an item they cant
That's odd, I use O'Reilly because I had the exact opposite happen to me and no linger use my local AutoZone.
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Originally Posted by notdku View Post
That's odd, I use O'Reilly because I had the exact opposite happen to me and no linger use my local AutoZone.
Auto Zone is FRICKEN JOKE!! 99% of the time i order a part they give me the wrong damn part!

I do almost all my own work and in my younger days, made quite a few coins wrenching on vehicles for the general public...NOTHING pisses me off more than getting the parts, getting the car tore down and when trying to fit on new part, find it the wrong one. Then have to stop in the middle of the job and run to get the correct one...and hope they get it right. I kept getting screwed this way because its the closest parts store to the barn.

FINALLY had enough when working on the wifes Jeep cherokee (the one before this one) water pump went out, tore the entire front half of the engine apart (Them jeeps you have to remove EVERYTHING to get to the water pump) tried to fit the new pump on and find guessed it, Auto dumb had done it again. PIZZED off i decide "screw it", it aint worth going in raging mad and getting the correct one. So, i close the hood, (leaving the front half of the engine tore down...remember this lil nugget of info for later in the tale) i walk into the barn, reach into the barn fridge and grab a frosty Busch light and take a LOOONG pull off my "emergency" bottle of Crown.

Next morning, i wake up bright and early, walking out to the barn at 0730 to head up and get new pump, i notice, no jeep in the driveway! Disbelieving, i turn and yell into the house (its summer and the windows are open) Woman, where'd you park the jeep?! Of course the expected reply came, "Nowhere dumb@$$ , you tore it apart yesterday!!" i says "$H!T!!, call the damn cops, your jeeps been stolen"....8 hours later we get a call telling us they located the jeep, in a used car lot 10 miles down the road where the engine finally gave up and they parked it and stole another jeep just like it from the lot.

ANYWHO...if the idiots at auto dumb would have given me the right damn part in the first place, the Jeep would have been fixed and been parked IN FRONT of the house where it belonged thus avoiding getting it stolen and me not having to buy ANOTHER jeep.

Advance Auto gets all my business now even though BOTH stores are at least 3 miles (one way) further than them isiots at auto zone...i'm time, money and stress level ahead to just go there in the first place....hard learned lesson!
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Default The good old days.........

Back in the day.......LOL......My rear passenger window is held up by a piece of fiber glass tape........When I hit a pot hole the window falls, and I put on more tape.....The door panel and parts sit on the back seat....When I bought the truck the window never went down. Seems the previous owner shoved card board boxes in the panel under the glass window..... I miss the hand crank windows. Also the small window on the side that was used for air conditioning......Try the auto junk yard next time, auto parts stores are a joke these days........
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Originally Posted by MrWray View Post
I had a tire shop overtorque my lugnuts one time in 1997. I was driving the 1991 Nissan 300zx twin turbo that i had,The genius had stripped all of my lugnuts and on the way home my front right wheel came most of the way off
Yep, if i don't see those lil tork styx things hangin on somebody's belt, i'll put em on my own car thanks.

Originally Posted by willshoum View Post
...the small window on the side that was used for air conditioning...
I really loved those on my beetle. I was wanting to try them in my sister's miata, but of all teases, they don't move. GRRRR! I was PO'd; i squeeze my big butt into the thing & no flippy windows.
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I spent over 20 years as a professional mechanic (dealerships mostly) and quit because of all of the BS, that and I refused to "upsell" the customer on anything that was not necessary (the managers don't like that). It came to head one day when the service manager tried to commit warranty fraud with my name on the bottom line (he ordered unnecessary parts with my employee number and then gave me the R.O to put the parts on). I blew a gasket started yelling at my service writer about how this was fraud and if a warranty auditor came in and checked that repair order the fraud would show up as being committed by me, not the manager. Anyhow, the warranty auditor was in the manager's office while I was ranting and heard every word (Hell, you could hear me for miles I was so mad!), the manager fired me for "threatening a co-worker", the co-worker I was supposed to have "threatened" quit in protest as did much of the rest of the crew (including the shop foreman who had worked there for over 15 years). The manager was fired within two weeks. I haven't worked in the automotive trades since then. I just can't stand the politics.

The best part is that the one Journeyman mechanic who still works there as well as the four apprentices (all of whom I trained and are now journeymen) welcome me back and do work for me all of the time when I need it (generally when a job requires special tools that I didn't purchase when I worked there).
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Originally Posted by Rick1967 View Post
I worked in several tire change and lube shops when I was in my twenties. I try to do everything myself at home. I have a 30 year old K5 Blazer. But if anything goes wrong I can fix it myself. I have a performance distributor. The enigine quit on the way home a few days ago. It was a bad pick up coil. I have to pull the distributer. Disassmble it completely. Go to two different parts store to find a replacement, and work in the dark with a flash light. I couldnt push it up the hill to my garage. Still had it running the same day that it quit. My wife has a 2003 Kia Sedona. That is a different story. Her Air bag light came on. It was a bad seat belt buckle. It cost $250 for a seat belt buckle!!!!! I had to pay them to put it in because I couldnt reset the light myself anyway!!!!

I was always amazed at the retards they would hire to work with me in the different shops. I have had cars come back because somebody didnt tight the drain plug.
We have a 2002 Kia Sedona model.

Here is a forum for the Kia Sedona:

Kia Carnival & Sedona Forum - Kia Forum

My one biggest issue is finding a repair manual, I have this website:

Kia Global Information System (KGIS)

I did some vehicle fitting and was at CarMax and out of the entire lot, 2009 Kia Rondo had enough leg room for safety, even the Ford F-150 did not!

Still keeping the VW; but, the dealership can repair the transmission; but, VW will not warranty the work! The dealership will do the work for a specific price to replace the solenoids; however, if a solenoid fails, they will not re-fix/replace it under warranty work.

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Fords have 3 little plastic / rubber pucks in the motor/ regulator . When they wear out the window will just clunk clunk clunk clunk and try to move but wont .
Take the cover off around the small gear and you will see them . The help section has them for about 16.00 bucks . Cant say we have ever really replaced the whole assy on a ford unless the motor its self is bad
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