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Health Note- Colonoscopy

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Originally Posted by Sgt_Skrb_25 View Post
Damn guys, I still have 15 years to go and now I am going to have nightmares. I will how ever need to get my oil checked here in 5 years. I will begin researching for little Asian lady proctologist with baby fingers. The last thing I need is a Tony Robbins sausage finger mofo diging for gold.
Just worry when you feel a hand on each shoulder.
When I got hired at my present job, we had to go for a complete physical. I remember looking at the doctor, who was about 6'4", looking at his hands, and thinking, "crap, how thorough is this physical?"
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Wow... your prep was pretty tame. My last two scopes made use of Fleet. A liquid laxative that tastes horrible. I took it with apple juice. To this day the sight of apple juice can make me queasy.
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Geez. I'm not even 50 yet and already been around this mountain twice. You've been getting off easy C3.

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Things going up a man's butt and the words "getting off" should never enter the same discussion together. Just felt that needed saying.
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I've had four colonoscopies now, two this year. Had a scary polyp removed in May that had to be rechecked after 90 days and in fact I'm up for another procedure in Feb. as another recheck. The prep day is the worst day assuming no bad news after the procedure. I always ask to be semialert so I can see what's going on.

Anyway, don't wimp out about these things, get one at 50, don't put it off. And do the prep exactly as instructed. You do not want to mess that up!
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I am shy of 50 and not at risk. I have had the digital prostate exam done and that was uncomfortable. From what I have heard the C3-Scope () is even less uncomfortable if you leave out the diet prep.

The way I see it, if you are scared of the scope then you best be ready to die young. One guy I knew died a horrible death from colon cancer because he refused to let doctors get anywhere near his exhaust pipe. Left a wife and kids behind too.
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After being yelled at by our doctors for a long time it took my friend's brother being diagnosed with colon cancer to get my wife and I, as well as my friend to get a colonoscopy. My wife was polyb free, but I had 5 removed and my friend had 6 removed. These procedures were all done in the past month, or so.

Fortunately everything's fine, but after waking up and told to get dressed I felt something by my butt. It turned out they left a plastic tube up there with a blue object attached at the end. It turns out it was used for a light. The next day I received a call from the doctor's office asking me how I felt and I told her that I felt fine, but next time if the doctor wanted to leave me a gift to please make it a pocket watch. At first she thought I was kidding, but then began roaring with laughter.

Please have the procedure done, cause the cancer when caught early is very curable. My friend's brother is having radiation and his cancer is in an advanced stage. I hope he makes it.
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Been there, done that, as others said, the procedure was nothing, the prep on the other hand was explosive! Seems wrong somehow to consume what should be a lifetimes worth of colon cleaner in 2 hours! My second uncomfortable moment was just before I went comatose, they were positioning me on the gurney and in walks this gorgeous nurse who I realized would be seeing me for the next little while in about the most embarrassing position of my life! Then I awoke in the room of pharts, must have been 4 of us in there letting them fly every 2 or 3 minutes!

Do it, you wont regret it (Much) and you should sleep better knowing all is well!
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I just had the joy of meeting Mr. Colonoscope in October. Just as c3 says, the scoping is no big deal. The "prep" day is unpleasant at worst, I did however set a personal best in the 10 yd. dash, not in time, but in times!!

I got both ends scoped, because I also have Barrett's esophagus, a tissue mutation caused by long term G.I.R.D. If you suffer from heartburn and/or acid reflux on a daily basis, go get an E.G.D., the top end version of the colonoscopy.

I was complaining of daily acid reflux and asked my doctor to prescribe Prilosec for me, before it was O.T.C., he said that I needed to get an E.G.D. before he would prescribe the med. I am glad that he insisted that I get the procedure. It turns out that my esophagus is in the very first stages of cellular mutation that could possibly lead to adenocarcinoma esophageal cancer down the road.

With proper medication and monitoring, I will probably never get esophageal cancer.

For those of you that are gobbling Tums or Zantac, etc. go to your doctor get an E.G.D., it is much less unpleasant to prep for than a colonoscopy. It's your life, and I know you want to save it because you are on here posting about how you'd do this or that if anyone tried to take your life.

Think about it!
"Your fear is 100% dependent on you for it's survival." - Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
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My dad had 46 polyps on his first one. None were malignent. I'm 30 and my doc says i should have one but I'm just not really ready for it...... I've never been big on preventative stuff
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