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Haven't We Had Enough Already?

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It's 2 AM,you and your family sleeping peacefully. You awake to some not so
normal noise,you hear voices,there's someone in your home.You instantly panic,your children sleeping in their beds down the hall,your wife next to you!
You quietly dial 911 but you know it will take time for the men in blue to get there..!! You don't have time,they are there now and comeing toward you and your family,you taste the fear, "what do they want,?" You're helpless,you don't believe in owning fire-arms,you let your-self and your family fall prey to the whims of who knows what..!!!
You know the police,are true heros and would gladly jump into harms way to help you,will they get here in time...?! Down deep you know it is your,
your ,responsibility,your family..!! ????????????????????????
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Okay - This will be your first official warning. You came here to stir up some sh!t, and then you are surprised when you did.

You have been presented with a couple of very valid arguments, which you have decided to ignore. You have done NOTHING to counter the very clear arguments made above.

If your whole goal is to add drama to your little life - you will be banned and I will do so personally.

Now, if you would like to address the points that have been made, with facts other than your ramblings, please do so.

Otherwise, wander back to the dorm room and wonder what class is going to have the tougher mid term.

It is CLEAR to most of us here that you have never walked a post, you have never traveled outside the country and you have no idea what it is like to be a victim, so your take on things is obviously shallow. Having said that, you are being given a forum to provide EVIDENCE in support of your ridiculous theory.

Please provide some evidence instead of your own personal ramblings.

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If you'd like to begin again, state what you would like to see happen.

We have offered to engage you in conversation, and beyond your hazy opening statement, you've offered nothing.

Converse. Tell us your experience. Find your answers.

Or, perhaps, it's time to close this, and you've accomplished none of the lofty goals you had when you set out to touch the hornet's nest.
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Originally Posted by intell View Post
It is not the criminals with guns that concern me at the moment, the law enforcing agencies understand and recognize that risk and count/factor it in and are largely prepared for it. What they aren't prepared for is the violence coming from some unlikely quarters.


But it is the criminal with the gun that concerns me.
I live in LA and during the last riots the police barricaded themselves in their stations and waited three days for the National Guard.

To answer your first question; yes I am fed up with the insanity that is in the world today.
But I don’t see where my giving up the right to protect myself is going to stop the sad and depraved individuals that are creating so much madness.

A story just came out this weekend of a young girl murdered by the mother of her friend. Her body was stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a ditch. What the hell is wrong with people? No amount of gun control stops crazy people from hurting the helpless. A gun ban will just make me one of the helpless!
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I'm still waiting to communicate.

That involves an exchange of information and ideas. You aren't exchanging.
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Just once, I'd like to see an anti with the nads to come on this forum, offer their views, and perhaps afford us the opportunity to maybe learn something.

Statistics often skew both ways, and for every one that is offered in defense of a position, there's another out there that contradicts it.

This thread has proven to be a grand waste of time. Like J.D., I had hoped it was a chance to exchange views, and perhaps have everyone walk away having learned something.

As it stands, it has further solidified the belief that there is no logical argument for gun-control, and you've managed to further hurt the cause you seemed so passionate about.
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Intell: "I would prefer to die a hero's death fighting a criminal bare handed rather than senselessly turning a gun on scores of innocent people before committing a hara-kiri."

You sir, are an idiot.

You have come to a firarms forum to spout a bunch of politically correct anti gun philosophy to what end?

I am 59 years old and a veteran. I have worked for 42 of those 59 years. I got my bachelors degree at the age of 50 while working full time. I recently received my Masters degree. I worked hard most of my life as a carpenter. I am a married man and a cancer survivor as well.

How old are you and what is your life experience? We have men here who have gone into harms way to preserve your right to spout ignorant psychobabble.

It seems to me that you have ill informed opinions but not much knowledge at all.

Go away boy.
“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”Samuel Adams
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Some of the members have responded with sarcasm or attacks (myself included), but you must understand that you aren't the first person to randomly appear on this thread with the exact same posts. From what I can tell, most of them have offered no real evidence of their own, just repeated statements that "it would work." They all inevitably disappear within a week or so with no real discourse or debate given, so you'll have to forgive forum members if they immediately think to themselves, "Great, another one of these."

So, I'll tell you what. Give us some evidence. Give us one example of where a firearms ban brought about anything other than exploding crime rates, violent totalitarian regimes, or genocide. Anywhere in history, distant or recent.

Because we've already given examples of them not working. In an honest debate, it's now time for your rebuttal.

You're going to need to give us more than fantasies about a gun-free world. You're going to need to give us evidence.
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Originally Posted by intell Haven't We Had Enough Already? - The Club House
It is not the criminals with guns that concern me at the moment, the law enforcing agencies understand and recognize that risk and count/factor it in and are largely prepared for it. What they aren't prepared for is the violence coming from some unlikely quarters.
It takes the average law enforcement officer about 2 minutes to respond to a violent situation. That is if everything is going right for that police officer that day/night, and he/she happens to be close to the crime being committed.

It takes the average criminal about .5 seconds to pull a trigger on a firearm.

intell, I ask you to answer these questions for me:

1. Are automobiles responsible for the high number of deaths in this country, or is it the drivers of those automobiles?

2. When somebody dies of smoking-induced cancer, is it the cigarettes fault, or is it the person's fault for choosing to smoke the cigarette?

3. What is the cause for the high amounts of violence in communities that practice liberal gun control laws? What is the cause for the extremely low violence rates in communities that have more conservative gun laws?

4. Why don't the criminals with guns concern you at this moment? Can you provide an estimate of how many criminals commit crimes with UNLAWFULLY OBTAINED weapons during a 24 hour period?

5. If one of the victims of those shooting rampages reported on the news was armed, would there be less casualties or more?

These are just some starting questions I have for you. If you answer these, I will know that you may want to have an intelligent debate, and you are not here to try and cause trouble. I will gladly debate this issue with you, and the debate will be professional at all times.

I will say that with confidence, you will view things differently once the debate is done. If you are ready to have a good debate regarding this issue, let me know, and we can start. I welcome it, and maybe we can both learn something.

I'm waiting your answer.
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Save your breath, the poster probably won't come back. Even if he/she/it does return it will not be to engage in real conversation.

Every mass grave cries out for guns in the hands of private citizens. This person is aiding in the commission of genocide if he/she/it thinks we have no need or right to weapons.

Everyone has the God given right to their life. Government claims rights to monopoly of force, yet they often claim they're not responsible for individual's safety. You can't have it both ways. You either are responsible for my safety or you are not. I won't leave it to politicians to protect me. Every politician everywhere who claims people have no right to self protection are openly corrupt and evil. We see that in our own corrupt rulers who openly proclaim their desire to disarm us. My little Biff Bammer vid was a joke, but it's also the truth. The current leadership of the D party is openly evil and corrupt. Many of the R party are as well. Their actions daily show why we must have access to military grade weapons for homeland defense and weapons to thwart criminality.

Anyone who says we don't need or shouldn't have personal weapons is suspect in my eyes as someone who hates our liberties. They are not to be trusted, except to harm us.
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