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gregs887 07-04-2008 06:28 AM

Happy 4th!
Happy 4th guys! And a big thanks to all our troops, stay safe guys :salute:

bkt 07-04-2008 01:13 PM

Thanks! Have a great Independence Day! Stay safe, have fun, and give a thought or two to why we're celebrating today.

fapprez 07-04-2008 01:17 PM

Have Fun, Be safe and don't lose a finger. MAny thanks to the men and women whose gave me my independence to celebrate!

Dillinger 07-04-2008 04:48 PM

Many Thanks to every man, woman, and even child, that has ever picked up a weapon, or a pen, in the defense of this great country.

Independence was not given, it was won with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

At the end of the day, regardless of our differences in viewpoint, politics, or any of the other "little things" in our day to day lives, we are all the result of a legacy that must persevere.


Water-Man 07-04-2008 04:57 PM

Happy 4th to all!

Chortdraw 07-04-2008 06:11 PM

My you all have a happy 4th. from Prescott Az.

CA357 07-04-2008 07:29 PM

God bless America.

God bless our troops.

God bless our veterans.

USAF 1967-1971

gregs887 07-04-2008 07:56 PM

Water-Man and CA357, thank you for your service!

DogRanger 07-05-2008 02:30 AM

God bless America................

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