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cpttango30 12-07-2008 11:29 PM

H-S Precision endorsed by murderer
Here you go Don't think I will ever buy anything from H-S Precision.

JiroZero713 12-08-2008 12:07 AM

I don't understand.

*edit Googled the guy.

Don't know the details on it....looks like he was snipping during a hostage situation? Or just do it for the fun of it?

Dillinger 12-08-2008 12:18 AM

Yeah, I can't read anything off the link bro - what are you referring too? Who's the murderer that is endorsing the product???


JiroZero713 12-08-2008 12:49 AM


Lon Horiuchi - FBI sniper at Ruby Ridge. Aug. 22 1992, Horiuchi fired a shot at a man ducking into the cabin. The shot killed Vicki Weaver as she stood inside the cabin behind the door, holding her infant daughter, Elisheba. The killing occurred on the second day of an 11 day standoff that began with a shoot out that killed the Weavers son Samuel, 14 and U.S. Deputy Marshal Willam Degan. The federal government, though, is leaping to Horiuchi’s defense, because he was obeying an order. But the Nuremberg and My Lai prosecutions have established that "I vas just following orders" is no excuse for killing innocent people. The license-to-kill orders were so outrageous that other FBI snipers at the scene -- for example, the SWAT team from Denver -- agreed among themselves that the license-to-kill order should not be obeyed. The Denver agents chose to disobey the unconstitutional order, and instead to stick with the traditional rules of engagement. Besides choosing to obey an illegal assassination order, Horiuchi lied under oath at Randy Weaver’s trial. Horiuchi claimed that he opened fire on Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris because the two men were threatening to shoot an FBI helicopter. But the trial judge found this testimony so blatantly false that he ordered the charges related to the testimony to be dismissed. (The helicopter was nowhere near where Weaver or Harris could have shot at it.) [The Ruby Ridge Prosecutions] Yesterday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that FBI agent Charles Riley said all the way back in June 1993 that he heard shots fired from a sniper post occupied by agent Lon Horiuchi - The FBI's favorite hitman The head of one of the Midwest's largest taxpayer groups today named F.B.I. sniper Lon Horiuchi "Tax Villain of the Month" for crimes against U.S. citizens committed while collecting a salary paid by U.S. taxpayers. - Taxpayers Name F.B.I. Assassin Lon Horiuchi Tax Villain of the Month "put his name and face on every milk cartoon in the state along with his accomplices in the FBI, ATF, and Delta Force. - Wanted: Lon Horiuchi - Killer Horiuchi allegedly shot several Davidians as the attempted to flee their burning church.- Faces of Evil The FBI sniper who killed the wife of Randy Weaver is declared Immune from state prosecution, the federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. This ruling has the same effect as granting a license to kill with impunity to any government agency. In 1992 an FBI employee hired a killer by the name of Lon Horiuchi, who shot Vicki Weaver in the head with his 308 caliber high-powered telescoped equipped sniper rifle from 200 yards, while she held her nursing baby in her arms, killing her instantly.
I wouldn't give a rat's butt about using a gun a 'murderer' endorses. If it's the best rifle on the's the best. Not going to say I'm going to use it though...but I mean come on....if everyone felt bad for using a gun a 'bad guy' used then I must be at fault for shooting at metal targets every now and then for endorsing murderers.

Benning Boy 12-08-2008 01:43 AM

IIRC, ATF was involved. Is ATF cool with this guy endorsing a gun?

cpttango30 12-08-2008 10:07 AM

It is not just the rifles they manufacture it is the stocks that Remington Savage and other rifle manufactures use on their rifles.

The guy shot an unarmed women hold her child. If you want to use a rifle or stock that he endorses go right a head I for one will not.

Think Ruby Ridge.

Bullpupben 12-08-2008 10:43 AM

I want you to slow down for a moment and consider what your saying..

Do you own any AK-47 variants? They are the symbol of every terrorist

How about AR-15s? That was the weapon of choice of the D.C. sniper

Glocks? They are the hottest items on middle eastern black markets right now

You need to blame the person and not the tool. Did H-S precision kill those two people? If they assisted in any way in the killing, it would be in making high quality stocks which have served our soldiers and police hundreds and thousands of times in the killing of both terrorists and criminals. I'm sure every gun in your collection has been used at some point in history by some person in this world to murder someone.

Although maybe the OP is right, we would probably be better off banning any weapon that is ever used to commit a murder. It would save countless lives, am I right?

wildbill 12-08-2008 01:18 PM

Lon Horiuchi......NWO's Chief Enforcer???
Gentlemen......What this article is saying, in a 'discreet' manner, is prepare for the onslaught of the New World Order (NWO) as that is EXACTLY how it will be if and as all the elected (self-elected as well as 'ghost-elected'!) believers and enforcers of the NWO position themselves for the onslaught!!! NO...I am NOT a Branch-Davidian or 'Start Your Own Compound' enthusiast.....FAR FROM IT!!! I am a Marine who loves this country and will fight and die for it, if need be, but for our COUNTRY.....not for those who abuse their power or position or WANT TO 'GET EVEN' for an assasination attempt on his or his Daddy's life!!! For those of you who have any spare time (Nowadays working 2 or 3 jobs too support your families is time consuming and has been brought too you by your 'elected' officials....the same ones who want us too sit at home so they know where we are and what we're doing and DO NOT want us to know what THEY are doing nor want us to own weapons!), do some research on some of our past Commander in Chiefs and check out their affiliation with certain groups and fraternities!!!!! The 'dirty little secrets' most of them prefer we don't know about. George Washington all the way too 'very, very recent' presidents and their father(s) belonged to, at least, one of these 'clubs' who secretly aid in the 'blueprinting' and construction of the oncoming times and 'exclusive control'.
That fraternal order is one of the 'influences' of the NWO and it is 'shock and awe' all the way for what is represented by the organization (There is a CERTAIN video with a president and his father BOTH at a certain 'orchard' attending one of the ritualistic meetings which was secretly filmed and published). Myself and a lot of well educated friends and acuaintances of mine, as well as some writers and journalists, are concerned about the members and affiliates of organizations such as these and the reasons are apparent when you read articles like the one about Lon Horiuchi!! QUESTION AUTHORITY!!!!

Benning Boy 12-08-2008 02:26 PM

I don't think the OP was suggesting banning the gun. I think he is saying that the company's choice of endorsers was in poor taste.

If I started a knife company, getting O.J. to endorse my knives would surely get me noticed, in a bad way. Nor would I get Hitler to endorse my shower heads.

Ruby Ridge still doesn't sit well with most people. Just because someone kills with your gun does not suggest that you should seek out the shooter for endorsements of your new products.

cpttango30 12-08-2008 10:46 PM


Although maybe the OP is right, we would probably be better off banning any weapon that is ever used to commit a murder. It would save countless lives, am I right?
Where did I say ban guns. Oh yah right Nowhere.

No I don't own any AK or SKS guns. Nor do I own an Ar or a Glock. Dang I just own some bolt guns.

I don't care what people do with guns. I care that this company is endorsed by a wanten murderer The man shot a unarmed women in the head while holding her child.

Not sure you want to be placed in the same league as him do you?

I am simply saying that maybe if they want him to indrose their products that we should let them know we don't like it.

Buy what you want I really don't care. I was looking to order an H-S stock for my m700 but now I will not.

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