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Gun Shows

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Originally Posted by DrumJunkie View Post
Some of the more reputable dealers around here have the M70 around $550.00

Yeah, supply couldn't meat demand for about a year after the election. I guess the supply is still behind now for some of the venders
$550.00 for a model 70? It is probably old stock from before the new models came out because thats way below cost.
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Election forcasting goes a long way. I stocked up about 6 months out from the Barackolypse, and got deals.

I won't buy now till after November, as I suspect we'll be back in the safety zone.
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A gun show is like any other kind of market. You have those who will scam you and those who wish to be honest. Gun shops need to be honest or they will develope a bad reputation. At a gun show, however, they don't have to worry about thier reputation.

Personally, I have seen some pretty good deals at gun shows. I saw a Mauser broom handle for 300 w/o the stock. I have seen them without stocks sale online for 800. The Mauser had good bore and good action to boot. It did not have matching serial numbers though, and the seller admitted it.
Personally, I thought it was a good deal.
I wouldn't mind to have a reproduction broom handle, with a bigger handle of course (custom).

I also bought my first high calibur gun at a gun show for my 17th b-day last year for 107$ with everything + ammo.
It was a Mosin Nagant.

Anyways, I think it is bias to say that gun shows have become a place to get familiar with guns you want instead of a place to buy. That is unless things are different were you live. I have had problems with small gun shows only. They are the ones that are dumb. When you go to one that has like 100+ vendors, however, competetion between vendors keep the prices in check.
That is why I never buy on the first time walking through (unless it is a good price). I always walk through to find points of interest and let time pass. When it nears the end of the day I will then go through and barter with desperate vendors wanting to make a buck before the day is out.
I can usually get better deals that way.

Well, that is just my thoughts on the matter.
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Originally Posted by FlBob518
I have noticed the couple of gun shows that MSRP seems to be the low price and they up after that. You would think after moving all that stuff for two days, they would want to sell the most they could. USED Ruger LCP for $350.00?? That type of price structure has not been uncommon at the Tampa show and and locally.
Don-cha-kno that FL is just full of rich retired folks that can afford that?

I have not been to the local version (Tanner, in Denver) for years. They do ten per year and I missed very few, until late in '08. The last one I went to was in August of '08 and the prices were out of reason even then. The "show" was about 40% jewelry, shirts, cammo crap, and other things for any non-gun females. - - I Pass.
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If you guys think you've got it bad, come to a gun show in California.
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Originally Posted by zhuk View Post
Actually "sea of black polymer" doesn't sound so bad (when you are forbidden such things lol)

Probably as they're such rare events and the target market is so miniscule here, gun shows have a definate sense of the parochial novelty in this country. And there's also a real feeling of "being with your own kind", if I can put it like that

Don't imagine it feels quite like that in the US, due to size & frequency.
Yeh just the same over here you sort of feel you have come home on the rare occasion they are held
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