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sarge_257 01-21-2011 11:31 PM

It was a GREAT Saturday
Ever have one of those days that just starts and ends right? Yeah not enough of them that is for sure. Well last Saturday was my GREAT day.
As I mentioned in another post, Lt. Linda and I are going to a Marriage class put on by our church. Now before you get to thinking our marriage is on the rocks, it is not. But the course we are taking is to enrich our marriage, not to argue about it. And it is really doing what they claim. With some reservations...........

First of all PFC Trent and I had planned to go to the range Saturday. And I don't know about you but Friday is a day for staying up late and enjoying a good movie or working in the shop, or get the picture. So here Sarge is at 0630 sleeping like a baby with visions of new shotguns running through his dreams. All of a sudden the alarm went off. I might mention this alarm plays REVEILLE and some Lt. that I know set the volume up high. The next thing Sarge knew someone was grabbing him by the leg and pulling him off the bed. "OFF AND ON SARGEANT!" Yelled a former sweet little wife named Lt. Linda. Old habits die hard and Sarge leaped to his feet and stood there at attention in his skivies. For a few minutes. Then he remembered he was RETIRED.
"Hey what is going on Linda??" groaned a sleepy Sarge. "You have forgotten already that Saturday morning is our Marriage time?" Lt. Linda stands there with her hands on her hips and a purplexed look on her face. She didn't say it but the look said, "I don't think I am ever going to shape this soldier up"
For those who havn't taken a Marriage course one of the things they suggest is to put aside a certain time every week for just you and your spouse to have a couple of hours together with no TV, Telephones or other interruptions so the two of you can talk and enjoy each others company. Sorta like you used to do when you went out on dates before you married.
And Saturday morning was our two hours.
So not wanting to spoil everything by saying he and son, Trent was going shooting Sarge just smiled and got dressed as fast as he could. Well it was a good morning. We had breakfast at a favorite resturant and it was early enough that the place was quiet and the food was excellent. Try it guys, it is worth the getting up early for.
But as soon as Sarge got back to the barracks he shook PFC Trent awake and started to load guns and ammo in the Jeep Wagoneer. And this time he only loaded 14 guns for the day. Six rifles and Eight shotguns. That ought to do it. The reason for two different kinds of firearms was in case the trap range was too busy we could switch to the rifle range until the shooters finished on the Trap. Smart huh?
So the trap range was full and we went to the rifle range. Trent grabbed the 30-06 (2) rifles and proceeded to sight them in. Sarge was working on the Remington Rolling Block in 45-70 (the one he bought up in Alaska) and because the scope had to be taken off before shipping it back to Colorado it had to be sighted in too. So for five hours father and son shot and shot and shot. Each one calling the others shots and congratulating them for the good groups and teasing each other for the fliers. LOL. Finally we took a break and walked over the hill to see if the trap range was empty, which it was, so the rifles went back in the Jeep and we headed to the next range.
The reason for the 8 shotguns was we had three gauges of shotgun shells to test (handloads) and we wanted to make sure they would work in pumps and semi-autos. Well they worked fine except one 20 ga semi-auto didn't want to eject very well. (will try a little heavier load next time)
But the real star of the show was a lever action. Yes that is what I said. We had with us a Winchester mdl. 9410. And that little dandy could bust clays. Trent was shooting a Remington 870 12 ga. and with the wind being gusty he was missing some wind bounced clays. You will not believe that little 1/2 oz of shot could stay in a good enough group to pick up the missed birds but it did. And it had standard rifle sights on the barrel and all you had to do was line your sights up with the clay and pull the trigger. POOF!
It was fascinating. That little gun made Sarge look good.
What a day. The weather was in the 70's and other than some gusty wind it was a perfect spring day. One I will remember for a long time. You just got to get out and enjoy life.

Neophyte1 01-22-2011 10:24 AM

sarge_257: Sir; you is/ has ''learned'' hahaha you is trainable; hahaha:)

what a wonderful picture you have painted:) Thanks for sharing:)

mach1337 01-22-2011 02:32 PM

Sarge. i have to say im a little jealous. its been a while since me and the old man got to go out and shoot. i need a day like that with the recient days I've had at work

sarge_257 01-22-2011 10:32 PM

time at the range
It is amasing what a couple of hours at the range will do for a man. PFC Trent and I spent from 0900 to 1300 just yesterday at the Boulder Rifle Range. (That is what reminded me of this story I had written a while back)The weather was cold but we are hunters and outdoorsmen and we dressed in layers to be able to adapt to the changes or weather patterns during the day. This time we had 6 rifles and our Chronograph. And for fun we had 6 handguns and a steel gong for the rifle at 100 yrds. We ran the rifles over the screens and updated our loading book for these new loads. (worked very well and will be used again) Then we went down to the pistol range and Trent had to show off and shoot the S&W 500 revolver. So naturally his Dad had to out do him by several rounds with the same punisher. I have a good load now for deer with that big monster revolver. The shooting was fun and we have always had a little competition between we two. But the other part was in the 45 min. drive there and home. We talked and talked. Trent brought up the fact that he was seeing an old girlfriend again and I told him what a good time his mother was having with her quilting club and he should ask to see her new designs and her hand work. We just felt right together, a lot like my Dad and I used to be.
A great day it was again.

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