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SHSBulldog06 01-26-2010 05:31 PM

Got Stories?
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Hey guys, I was just looking at a few pics from last year and I ran over some that brought back a funny night that I thought I'd share. At the end of last summer, a fella I used to work with was wanting to go cat fishing that wknd. So that Saturday finally came rollin' around and I met him at his house. Well we ended up at the Alabama river near Selma, AL that afternoon and we stayed all night 'til morning. First we set up some trot lines then let a few jugs out. And after that we went down river and fished with the poles. Wasn't much going on so we pulled up to a flat rock bank and there was a young gator sittin there. Well we pulled up beside it for a closer look and it didn't like it too much. I was probably about 4 feet from the little thing staring at it cause I didn't believe gators were up this north in the state. Anyways as I was staring at it, the critter jumped and ran straight towards me and went under the boat. I nearly jumped out of the boat on accident because I wasn't expecting that thing to move that fast and right at me. But after my buddy got a good laugh out of that we kept fishing. In about few min. I felt somethin big(but we had been gettin hooked on sunken logs all night) and I told him. I started realing it in slow and thought I had felt it tug back. So I knew I got something but that peckerhead beside me didn't believe it was a fish because of the huge arch my pole had. "Its a damn log, it's a log, it ain't even pulling back" he kept sayin. Well after a while of realin it in, I figured he's probably right cause it ain't tugged in a while, so I didn't give the thing any drag I just steadily realed it in. And when I finally got it up, I only got a glimpse of a monsterous yellow cat breaking the line and his huge tailfin as it slapped the water headed in the other direction. And I havn't let up on that peckerhead for talking me out of takin my time yet. My buddy had been catfishin for about 20 yrs or so and he said it was the biggest he saw that had been "almost" caught. I keep pickin' on him saying that he didn't want me to catch the thing since it was just my 3rd or 4th time catfishin, and he ain't caught one that big yet...ahh, the jealousy. Oh yeah, we saw about 10 more gators that night, and followed one around, but she was a bit bigger and was gettin agitated and splashing around so we thought we'd give her some space and call it a night. Went back the next day and checked the trot line and found the night wasn't a complete waste, hence the cat pic,thats peckerhead and my 3 yr old son beside it. The baby gator has a pic too, about 4' long from what I remember.

SHSBulldog06 01-26-2010 05:43 PM

I should also mention, in order to protect my manlihood. NO, I didn't scream like a girl when that gator with the prickly teeth was running my way.

gorknoids 01-27-2010 01:25 AM

Nice damned fish and funny damned story!

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