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Sometimes you get the elevator and sometimes you get the shaft..!
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"Sure! i'd love to come to the ftf shoot. Sounds like fun! But,"

180 ftf invitees...
Retired Naval Aviation
Former Member U.S. Navy Shooting Team
Navy Distinguished Pistol Shot
Contact Man for the FTF Shotgun Shoot
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More Jeff Cooper Quotes :

"The run on arms and ammunition has caused shortages here and there throughout the country. In my opinion this phenomenon is a direct result of the passage of the Brady Bill. As everybody knows, that bill will do nothing about anything, but it does indicate that the hoplophobes now feel that they are free to go ahead with other and more ruinous action.

I have long preached that one should never be caught short in his personal armament, either in regard to the weapons or the ammunition. Keep up your supply, and do not neglect the 22 rimfire, which may well turn into the "ballistic wampum" I have spoken of the past.

If you have any loading equipment, stock primers, which may constitute the weakest link in the chain." 1993

" That curious trial of the survivors of the Waco atrocity suggests trying the Christians for irritating the lions." 1993

"There is a good side to everything, it appears. The recent series of cold snaps in Washington pretty well shut down the operation of the government for several days at a time." 1993

"I recently ran across a very thought-provoking piece from Forbes Magazine, which hypothesized that products are not necessarily designed to meet a perceived demand, but that sometimes the existence of a product may create the demand for it. A good example is the fax machine, which no one knew he wanted until it appeared, and which now we can hardly do without. "

"Apparently the only thing that keeps the cops alive today is the fact that the crooks cannot shoot either."

"A good trigger should be light about 40oz. will do nicely - but more important than weight is an imperceptible let-off. The surprise break of the rifleman must indeed sunrise him, and thus he must not be able to detect any movement at all in the trigger when it releases the striker. Such a trigger should come with the gun over the counter, but with few exceptions it does not, though it did at one time. "

"...instant readiness is the primary quality of the pistol. As has been well said, "You cannot make an appointment for an emergency." When you know there is going to be an emergency, you pick up your rifle. Now there are all sorts of curious circumstances which may pose specific exceptions to the foregoing principles, but the fact remains that the two instruments fill different tactical niches, and training and practice should be based upon that concept. "

"Note that the infamous traitor, Aldridge Ames, had donated five thousand dollars of his Russian payoff to the Democratic National Committee. No comment! "

"In teaching the rifle, we discover again that most sights are mounted too far to the rear, and most rifle stocks are too long. While it would be nice if each weapon were fitted personally to each shooter, the fact remains that a lanky rifleman can get along very well with a short stock, but a shorty will find it very difficult to do well with a long stock. "

"Family member John Schaefer of New Jersey asserts that,
"We act as if comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to be happy is something to be enthusiastic about."
Does that explain the overwhelming passion of a large portion of the American public for the trivialities of professional sports? People who know almost nothing at all about the activity being demonstrated on the field can go practically hysterical in their enthusiasm for it - having nothing else to be enthusiastic about - it would seem. "

A couple of new bumper stickers have come to our attention, as follows:
"Don't bury your guns, shoot them!"

"If Vince Foster had had a gun he would be alive today."

"In making preparations to take to the field I discover yet again that the manufacturers of telescope sights are paying attention to the wrong things. The makers insist upon giving us variable power - because it is assumed that is what the market demands. No one has explained what the use of a variable power telescope may be. The mechanism makes the eyepiece too long, it adds complexity and thus cost to the instrument, and all too often it changes the zero when the magnification is changed. And all this to no purpose.

Secondly, the manufacturers make a big issue of width of field, which, considering the various increments involved, is a trivial consideration. When the telescope is used properly, the left eye picks up the target while the right eye picks up the reticle. One does not need a wide field as long as the vision is clear at the center.

Furthermore, the manufacturers do not seem to realize that the big problems with telescope sights are fragility and dishonesty. A telescope sight is fragile if it breaks, and it does. It is dishonest when it does not make the adjustments indicated on the dials. It is infuriating to apply a left hand correction and wind up with a change in elevation. It is infuriating to apply a six-inch correction and wind up with 12 inches. The way to avoid this is to make a telescope with no moving parts whatsoever, but the makers insist that such an instrument would never sell - and sales, rather than excellence, are what the manufacturer must place foremost.

I am taking a Schmidt & Bender telescope to Africa - a very expensive instrument. I cannot properly evaluate its structural strength, but I can attest its honesty. We will see. " 1993

"Let us never forget that Marxism is still the enemy - and still virulent. " 1993

"The American people have not yet demonstrated that they have sufficient gumption to stand up to the federal ninja, and these feds keep getting worse. One does not know whether to be more exasperated by their effrontery or their incompetence." 1993

"In reading Marion Carl's new book, co-authored with Barrett Tillman, we are impressed by the General's firm conviction that only enthusiasts do things well. Since one cannot draft nor train enthusiasts, that poses a problem for the armies of the world. I gather that the general opinion is that only one fighter pilot in ten turns out to be a real fighter pilot, thus we have to train ten to get one. Perhaps this is true of marksmen, too. " 1993

"The renowned historian Christopher Dawson viewed the disintegration of Western culture as a far worse disaster than that of the fall of Rome; for the one was material; whereas the other is a spiritual disaster striking directly at the moral foundations of our society and destroying not just the outward form of civilization but the soul of man, which is the beginning and end of all human culture."
Via Christina Scott in "A Historian and His World"

"An unarmed citizenry is a top priority on the liberal agenda. The Brady Bill is just the first step."
Walter Williams, in Conservative Chronicle

"What Clinton and his kind want to develop is a population which sees itself as a victim of violent crime, economic injustice, racial and sexual prejudice, and helpless to correct these wrongs without government assistance. People who see themselves as victims look to rescuers, look to those who will help, for a victim is one who is demonstrably incapable of doing things for himself. He wouldn't be a victim otherwise. And under no circumstances must a victim take action on his own to remedy the evil he suffers from. Never. He should call the government to help."
via Howard McCord in "The Coming Civil War in America"

"Lesson from Rothbury" (From the Daily Telegraph (London,) Saturday August 28, 1993.)
"Country dwellers would not mind the withdrawal of policing from the countryside nearly so much if it were not also deliberate police policy to leave households unarmed and defenseless against criminals."

"The small town of Rothbury, in Northumberland, which was terrorized for the best part of three hours this week by five ruffians armed with crowbars, may feel annoyed that its police station is open only from nine to five on weekdays. This would not matter if law-breakers were like the rest of us, but criminals are so disrespectful of British habits that they are prepared to commit their burglaries out of office hours and without charging overtime."

"The villains spent two hours removing a post office safe while residents watched in terror. In America, of course, there would have been a short fusillade and all five thieves would be riddled with bullets, as every window in town bristled with sophisticated automatic weapons, not to mention the occasional bazooka."

"We do not wish to be too slavish in our imitation of this fine American culture, but it would be foolish to suppose we have nothing to learn from it. As we get poorer and less able to pay the huge demands of a police force which appears to have the country over a gun barrel, the least the Government can do is allow us to defend ourselves."

Auberon Waugh

" Slavery in the modern world implies the absolute deprivation of the individual's liberty, while possession of weapons and mastery of their use are means to the individual's liberation. We do not perceive how a man may be armed and at the same time bereft of his freedom."

John Keegan, in "The Face of Battle"

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In a recent article, Layne Simpson tells of the conclusions reached at a symposium of professional hunters which he recorded. These people were Africans, but their observations are pertinent everywhere. He lists the following shortcomings observed by the pros in the field, in the following order:
1)"Bringing more gun than one can shoot accurately." This is especially true of Africa, but it also applies to Alaska. It is a very common and pernicious error to assume that one will achieve better results in the field by the use of more powerful weapons. Power failures, when the bullet is well placed and penetrates fully, are almost unheard of. Bad shooting, on the other hand, is by no means uncommon. Many years ago we noted the inscription in a commercial advertisement which claimed that "Out where ranges are long you need Weatherby power." Mistake. Out where ranges are long (and even when they are not) what you need is to know how to shoot. The random shooter, who does not practice, is ill-advised to buy something bigger than what he is used to, since justifiably or not it may intimidate him. Recoil and blast are not problems with a well-seasoned marksman, but they may indeed upset the 20-round-a-year man. Use what you know you can hit with. Use the proper bullet and you will have no trouble.

2)"Poor physical condition." Hunting may not be the kind of activity that calls for entry into a triathlon, but it can be physically demanding, especially in mountainous terrain. We recently noted the conspicuous success of our shooters who were in top shape. Before you take the field find yourself a convenient hill and trot up it three times a week. You will be glad you did.

2A)"Inability to spot game in heavy brush." This is a function of "the hunter's eye" and it cannot be learned by wishing. Generally speaking, the more hunting experience you have the better will be your target acquisition, but simple wilderness hiking, for those who can manage it, will sharpen up the skill conspicuously, especially if the individual makes a contest of it and logs his observations regularly on paper.

3) "Inability to shoot accurately from the offhand position." At least a third of your shots should be practiced from offhand, and against the clock. The one-and-a-half second interval I use when teaching rifle, from standard ready to hammer fall, is a good test. And you do not need a stop watch. Count to yourself, "one, two, three," at a convenient interval. On "one" you mount the piece to the shoulder. On "two" you acquire the reticle with the shooting eye. And on "three" you gently press the trigger. Clearly you can practice this at home without going to the range, and you certainly should take time to do this before going to the field. Another system I often use is to sit in front of the tube, with my rifle in my lap, and wait for a commercial to come on which displays zeros or "O's." If I can simulate a clean surprise-break every time an "O" appears, I am getting there. If two "O's" appear (as in Coors,) the bolt must be snapped between the two shots. When you get good at this you are well on the way, even without going to the range.

4) "Shooting offhand when a natural rest is available." Whenever possible, use a rest, and this is surprisingly possible. On my last trip to Southwest Africa, all four shots I took were from a tree or post rest. The late, great Elmer Keith was fond of using his "ten gallon" hat for this purpose when shooting from prone. And Jack O'Connor was fond of using his binocular case. If a rest is available, use it. Do not try to prove that you are capable of hitting the target from offhand.

5)"Inability to shoot quickly." See paragraph "4" above. Note that this is fully as much a matter of mental conditioning as of marksmanship. I have know several good shots, who had proved they could shoot quickly, go into a sort of paralysis when the Baker Flag was hoisted. This may be a form of buck fever, so inoculate yourself before taking the field.

6)"Choosing a bullet that goes to pieces without penetrating." Proper placement and penetration are the two things that will secure your game most reliably. Placement is the function of anatomical knowledge and marksmanship. Penetration is a function of bullet performance. There are some stout bullets on the market. Use one that is tried and tested.

7)"Unsafe gunhandling." This is a terror, and simply establishes that far too many people take to the field without any education at all in the principles of marksmanship. It is not confined to duffers. Too many times we have seen professionals handling their weapons in ways that would bring a stern reprimand from any competent rangemaster. By choice, go to school if you can. With or without school engrave the four principles of safe gun handling in your mind and do not ever let them fade out.
All guns are always loaded.
Do not let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
Be sure of your target.

8) "Unfamiliarity with animal anatomy." Study your target's anatomy with great care whenever you see a picture of a four-footed beast in a book, a magazine or on the tube. Remember that your target is a three-dimensional object and pay careful attention to "target angle" (zero is coming straight in, 180 is running straight away, and so on in between).

9) "Admiring the first shot rather than continuing to shoot until the animal is down." This one brings pained recollection to me as I lost the best sable I ever saw by calling off the war immediately when the beast dropped to a hit on the spinal flange. Having been overgunned for most of my hunting life in North America, I assumed that when I got a clean surprise-break, my animal was secured. This is not necessarily true, and the bolt should be snapped instantly following a shot regardless of what you see through the glass. The ideal is to get your empty on the ground by the time you pick up your target after recoil.

I apologize to Mr. Simpson for borrowing his work, but it was excellent and I mean this in the sense of sincerest flattery.

Jeff Cooper

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Got A Quote You Like? Share It With Us. - The Club House
C.S.S.A.; N.F.A.; N.R.A. Life Member
Make the world a better place; have your liberal spayed or neutered.

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"The Navy has both a tradition and a future--and we look with pride and confidence in both directions."

Admiral George Anderson, CNO, 1 August 1961.
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The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is Reason.

I have never used any other, and I trust I never shall.
__________________________________________________ ________________

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian

or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to

terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.
__________________________________________________ _______

Each of those churches accuse the other of unbelief; and for

my own part, I disbelieve them all.
__________________________________________________ _____________

The Christian theory is little else than the idolatry of the ancient Mythologists,

accommodated to the purposes of power and revenue; and it yet

remains to reason and philosophy to abolish the amphibious fraud.

__________________________________________________ ___________
When also I am told that a woman called the Virgin Mary, said,

or gave out, that she was with child without any cohabitation with a

man, and that her betrothed husband, Joseph, said that an angel told

him so, I have a right to believe them or not; such a circumstance

required a much stronger evidence than their bare word for it; but

we have not even this- for neither Joseph nor Mary wrote any such

matter themselves; it is only reported by others that they said

so- it is hearsay upon hearsay, and I do not choose to rest my belief

upon such evidence.

-Thomas Paine- from Age of Reason
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disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED...
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"Gentlemen: It's time to see how many of you paid attention in your training, but even more importantly, how many of you can really Fly an 11,000 pound helicopter like you drive a Sports car, How many of you are really willing to lay it all out to complete a mission!"-Lt. Col. Terrance Henry, CO, 160th Special Av. Batt.-10/23/83

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will." Vince Lombardi

"No One, and I MEAN NO ONE Craps on me and Gets away with it!!! Those days are gone...
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In war, there can be no substitute for victory. War's very object is victory.

General Douglas McArthur.

When war is forced upon you, kill as many of the enemy as you possibly can, just as fast as you possibly can, and when you've killed enough of them, they'll stop fighting you.

General Curtis E. LeMay.
To the world, you may be only one person. but to one person you may be the world.

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"Our parents made us who we are, it's our fault if we stay that way"


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