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Goof Ball Criminal

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Originally Posted by matt g View Post
There is only one cure for pedophilia and that is an injection of lead straight to the brain stem.

100% Agree on that
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2-20 for Burglary of a Habitation. More for 3rd time offenders.

Pedophilia is actually a dietary problem.

It is a mineral deficiency.

Not enough lead in the brain.
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I specialized in sexual assault and child abuse for over 5 years as a police detective. This kind of behavior is one BIG RED FLAG. He has never committed a sexual assault on a child THAT YOU KNOW OF. This kind of behavior usually escalates into sexual assaults, or other serious illegal behavior. If a person enters an occupied dwelling with the intent to steal, that is a burglary, a felony in most jurisdictions. If it is not his first burglary, prison is exactly where he belongs.

After dealing with literally hundreds of pedophiles and other predatory sex offenders over several years, I'm here to tell you they can never be rehabilitated. Never! What we humans are turned on by, is what we are turned on by. It is uncontrollable. We have no choice. Some of us can control our impulses, some of us can not. By the time this guy has come to this point, he has had counseling till it's coming out his ears. Some of the more intelligent criminals are able to manipulate counselors, especially the young and inexperienced ones, and tell them what they want to hear. They are also good at manipulating parole boards, police officers and others who want to change their behavior.

I've personally been involved in cases of the exact same behavior, that ultimately led to rape and/or murder, after years of "counseling." We had a case several years ago, where a department store security camera caught a guy cutting up women's lingerie. He had been convicted in the past for raping and mutilating his victims, but he never quite killed any of them. Torture was part of his "thing." He had been paroled after good behavior and convincing the parole board and Psychiatric Security Review Board, that he was "no longer a threat." Furthermore, it is not unusual to learn that juvenile convictions for sexual crimes have been expunged, and there is no record.

It defies common sense and what we would like to believe about our fellow humans and polite society, but the ugly truth is that some are truly evil and beyond rehabilitation. Even some who opt for castration in those states which have that option in law, are not changed. Their offenses are most often committed with their hands and fingers, not their penis'. I think it was the Masters & Johnson study (I've been out of school a long time, but could look it up) that taught us that our brains are our main sexual organ. They take their chemical casteration with a smile and happily accept the conditions of their parole.

Please don't make the mistake of assuming that these people are able to think and make rational choices. They are very similar to alcoholics in that they have that condition for life. Some are able to control their impulses, and sadly too many can not. Some try to channel their urges toward inanimate objects, such as girl's socks, or underwear, but eventually become bored and seek a more satisfying experience.

There's a bunch of sick s**t I've seen, that I can't un-see and will take to my grave. In social settings when asked to "tell some police stories," I talk about the car chases, shootings, robberies, murders, etc. Y'know, the stuff you see on C.O.P.S. If I were to tell the nice ladies and gentlemen some of what I've seen, they would not be able to accept it, or believe me. Watch the flick "8MM." That sick stuff really, really happens.

The truly satisfying aspect of my job was when I was able to convict the sexual preditors on major felony charges and under our state's sentencing guidelines, some serious prison time. Some survive prison, some do not. The old sayings about child molesters in prison, are true. I was also able to save a few kids along the way, which I think is what God put me on this earth to do.

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Really good post Pioneer - Really good information from the front lines contained there for anyone who wants to read it.

Thanks for taking the time to type that out, it's a telling tale...

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Pioneer, you are (unfortunately) absolutely, 100%, X ring, TOTALLY correct. There is something that got screwed up in the hardwiring of the brains of some people. Do I believe that they can control whatever the urgings are that they are subject to? Ah.....that be a NO. Makes as much sense as "counseling" a person with a severed spinal cord, with the goal of enabling them to walk again thru counseling. Either incarcerate them, or have them move to San Francisco, where that is considered "normal" behavior. Prison inmates have a well established system to learn what is considered to be "rehabilitated", and what program you need to follow to get your papers stamped, and get out. The condition described in the initial posting is a variety of paraphilia- and as you know, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of variations on this. Would be nice if just once I could have met someone that derived sexual gratification from putting money into other people's parking meters......
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