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Dillinger 07-11-2008 10:39 PM

Is THAT a Good Deal?
Or am I getting taken?

Okay, as some of you know, I have been to the SHOT show just about every year for the last 5. This is the ultimate firearms and gear related extravaganza, where you can pick up and play with, pretty much everything you have ever seen or dreamt about.

So, this last time, old JD got over 30 POUNDS of literature when he was there. That's right, I had to break open two bags at the airport to transfer stuff between bags to balance out the luggage. Basically if I stopped at a booth, they gave me something to take with me. Every manufacturer, every product, they all have CD's and little pseudo magazines, and pamphlets, TONS of pamphlets for you to take. Also, some of the time, they give you their dealer and MSRP price lists. :D

Yes, I have been holding out on you - but I honestly forgot about it until I started going back through all the literature looking for some information.

Now, I don't own a scanner, and I can't officially publish this information without getting into trouble. I also can't "volunteer" any screaming deals or items that I think are grossly inflated ( and there are some ) - but, I also feel for my hard working forum members, and while I don't have the goods on all the great stuff that is out there, it turns out a I have a nice cross section from rifle stocks ( a well known company known for precision, to a safe company ( which shares a name with a Federal Building ), to a couple of pistol makers (A couple of guys who's last names' start with "B" and one for a company from Europe that has a 2 letter name ), a well known parts house that likes "Big Black Cats" and a couple of long gun makers that can reach out and touch you.

It's not a who's who ( I don't have H&K or Beretta or Kimber [from this year :P] or FN, so anyone wanting to know what hot new uber gun they saw on the action flick over the weekend costs, please don't ask ), but it's a list that is pretty impressive.

So, let's leave it at this. If you have a firearm that you are truly interested in and wondering if you are getting ripped off - post what you know and I will send you a PM to fill in the blanks for you if I have the data. I have some stuff from last year as well, so I might be able to ballpark some stuff for you. I can't just publish this stuff, it can cause some issues, so if someone posts something you are interested in, just wave the flag and let me know you are also interested. If I don't have it, I will cop to it right away so you aren't waiting.

What I don't have is any info on anything fully automatic. I don't have any silencer prices & I don't have info from this year on body armor. I don't have any Class III stuff dealer pricing at all, so please keep the requests reasonable. If you truly wanted a Chey-Tac Intervention System you would know a lot more about it than just to ask what the price is, it's available on line.

Cheers -


RL357Mag 07-12-2008 12:26 AM

Thank you JD - that's very kind of you to offer your time and effort to do this.

Dillinger 07-12-2008 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by RL357Mag (Post 31462)
Thank you JD - that's very kind of you to offer your time and effort to do this.

No problem - I got to look out for my peeps. :D We don't all have the same access to info that those in the industry do....


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