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Geocache Challenge

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Geocaching is like going out and looking for a buried treasure that someone else hid. You never quite know what you are going to find or how it will be hidden. There are a few different kinds of caches.
A traditional cache is a small hidden container, something like tupperware, an ammo can, or something homemade like a PVC pipe with screw on caps. These will have a log book to sign and little trinkets of some sort in them. Trade trinkets or just sign and date the log and hide it back like you found it for the next person to find.
A micro-cache would be something like a film canister or a little hide-a-key box. These will just have a small log sheet to sign that you were there.
A virtual cache is something like a sign, historical marker or monument. The web site will have you look for a particular detail to "prove" your finding. Others get very clever with these and will have you use numbers found on the item to make a new set of coordinates where a traditional cache is hidden, which is a multi-leg cache (pretty self explanatory here)
There are event caches where people get together at a park on a certain date. People attending the event will each have hidden a cache in the park before hand and then trade coordinates on the day of the event. A buddy of mine did this a couple of summers ago. Each person hiding a cache was told to put a playing card in 10 different envelopes inside their cache. Then you were to find five different caches, take an envelope from each one, meet back up and all play a hand of poker.

Go to the web site Shihan posted at the top of this thread. Look on the site for caches in your area, enter the coordinates into your GPS and then go out and find it. It's a lot more fun than you might think.
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Geocaching is using multi-million dollar government technology to search for $1.98 Tupperware in the woods.

Cache sizes are

Nano: Smallest cache size. go to ebay and search nano cache H_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item1e5b0303c1#ht_693wt_973

Micro: These are very small about the size of your pinky (Not Robos pinky)./ go to ebay and search micro cache aultDomain_0?hash=item587fdf3fee#ht_500wt_765

Small: These are small but not as small as a micro. Most are small tupperware like containers.

Regular: 30 cal or 50cal ammo can.

Large: can be anything from a large ammo can up to a full sized fridge.

Travel bugs: dog tags that you attack to an item and the travel around the country or world.

Geocoins look like military challenge coins and are passed around from cache to cache.

I have 18 caches hidden and 4 travelbugs.

I have 2 more caches planed for placement then I am going to stop for a while. One of my hides is a 20# granite rocks with a micro glued into a hole i drilled into it. Then I placed it in a big pile of granite rocks.

You have difficulty ratings this is how hard it is to find. from 1 to 5. You also have terrain ratings. 1 being you can get to it from a wheelchair or stroller to 5 where you need special equipment to get to it. Like there are some out there that require you to climb a mt. or some that require you to hike for miles. There is one just north of my home town in the river that you need scuba gear to get to.

Virtual caches are not allowed to be placed anymore. We have done one that required you to read the information signs around the part and then respond to them in the log and also you had to post a picture of your team at the site with specific items in the picture.

You can not do an adults only cache where you place adult items like movies or mags. everything traded or left has to be kid friendly. Most people just go to the dollar store and pick up a bunch of trinkets to leave in caches. Me I just sigh logs and move one. My wife and kids like trading stuff.

My most evil one to day was where I took a limb off of a pine tree and drilled a hole in it and placed pegs to hold it together and the cache was a small pill fob in the hole inside. Then I took and placed the cache in the middle of a grove of pine trees and blended it in.

Check out

search for 22554 to see my cahces under cpttango30.

As far as equipment good legs and back we have a backpack set up just for caching. First aid kit tick spray, mechette, hiking poles if you want. and Swag (Items for trading)....GPSr come in all flavours and prices. We use a Garmin Colorado, the most popular are that the oregon and the 60csx from garmin. We also have an etrex ledgend.

The draw back to the ledgend is that you have to print out the cache pages to take with you. Some of the others like the colorado and Oregon series offer what is called paperless caching it downloads all the info to the GLSr......

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