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If you are ever in Ashevile you have to stop by 12 Bones smokehouse.


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Best hamburger in North Carolina is a pool hall slaw burger from the pool hall in Elizabethtown.

Best Mexican food in El Paso is at “L&J’s Café” the little place next to the Concordia cemetery. You can see John Wesley Hardin’s grave from the bar.

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Here in Buffalo, my (and my girlfriend's) favorite places are...
Jim's Steakout...I'm not really big on red meat, but they're known (as you can see from their name) for their steak subs. I always get a chicken finger sub or a chicken taco, and they have the BEST fries in the area!!! I don't know how they make them so good, but I've never had fries this good in my life!!! There's a few different locations, the food is reasonably priced, and it comes out pretty quick after you order it.
Jim's Steakout | Buffalo's Best Steak Hoagie, Subs, Tacos and more.
Next, another place my girl and I love to eat is a restaurant called Alton's...They're kind of a Greek place, I guess you would say, but they have a decent menu, good prices, and the food is always consistent. It also always comes out very quick after ordering it, nice atmosphere, and they have good service....My favorite there is the Open Chicken Souvlaki. My girlfriend usually gets a turkey melt, a turkey burger, or pancakes.
Welcome to Alton's Restaurant
Our last favorite place to eat would be a local favorite called "Pizza Plant". They're locally owned and operated and have been around for quite a while. They're famous for something called "Pods", which is basically a cross between a pizza and a calzone. You can choose from a large variety of fillings and whatever kind of crust you want and they'll bake it up for you. When we go there, we usually get pasta. It's a tad on the expensive side, BUT, the plates are so big that we can only make a small dent in them and we end up bringing most of it home in a doggy bag and getting at least 2-3 more meals each out of it, so the price evens out...We go there and spend $35 but it feeds us both for 3 days, so it's really not expensive at all, and it's DAMN GOOD!!!
Welcome to Pizza Plant Italian Pub!
Lastly, believe it or not, even though I live in Buffalo, I hate chicken wings!!! But, my girlfriend works at what has become known as the place with the best wings in the world...DUFF'S. They won the "Battle Of The Wings" on the Food Network, the President of the United States stopped in there a few months ago, and many people here do like them better than The Anchor Bar (originator of "The Buffalo Wing".)
Duff's Famous Wings - Depew
So, there you have it my friends...Of course there are millions of others here, as Buffalonians take their food VERY seriously, but these are just a few that I personally love myself, and of course I had to throw DUFF'S in there in case any of you roll through so my girlfriend can make more tips!!! If you do ever come to the city of good neighbors, ENJOY!!!


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You must've been hungry when you started this thread, too.

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I could start naming resturants in BR, but this is Louisiana, so I could be here a while. Most of the eating places are great around here. and at a reasonable price, unless you opt for the 5 star setting. But the best food is boiled alive and poured over newspaper on a plywood table outside. (crawfish!)

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Best burger on the planet can be had at the legendary Jalama Burger. To get to Jalama Burger, get off hwy 1 at Jalama beach road, travel approx. 27 miles down the treacherous cliff-side roads to the small beach at the end, 45 minutes from civilization. At this beach you'll find a small, dark bait shop. In the bait shop, to the right of the register and to the left of the bobbers, you'll see a small window. If you wait at the window long enough, someone will walk by and ask you what the heck you're standing there for. Ask for a burger. The guy in the window will hand you a ticket with a number on it, and in about 45 minutes to an hour you'll get the best damn burger you ever tasted.


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In Orlando there is a great Tex-Mex, Garibaldi's. Not a chain, which in my opinion makes it better.

For hamburgers ther is a converted gas station called Johnny's Filling Station. Great burgers and good beer.

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Originally Posted by Remy308 View Post
But the best food is boiled alive and poured over newspaper on a plywood table outside.
Quoted for truth!

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Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh

The worst looking/best tasting sandwich you will ever have
It was created out of necessity by the workers and truck drivers that wanted to eat their meal with one hand while enjoying their lunch hour Iron City with the other. If you walk into the original Strip District bar in the 'burgh it looks the same as the pic from the 1930's and the rumor is that the grease in the fryers and the dirt on the hardwood floors is the same that was there over 80 years ago. I've had great food elsewhere, but if you're in SW Pa and want a taste of the 'burgh you gotta stop at Primanti's
The original strip district location in the 30's, it looks exactly the same today


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Here in slower lower Delaware there is no good place to eat but back in the day my gran father`s resturant was the place to get the best homestyle food anywhere. Everything is sushi,latte, mocha choco pink panty crap... What happened to good dumplings or fried chicken? Anyone can do BBQ it seems.

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