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GLOCKMASTER 06-05-2012 01:30 AM

Forum Stickers
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Just received my sticker today. Just thought I would share with you all where I put it.

mountainman13 06-05-2012 01:35 AM

Awesome. Thanks for the support.

GLOCKMASTER 06-05-2012 02:14 AM


Originally Posted by mountainman13
Awesome. Thanks for the support.

Anytime :) Thanks!!

94browninghunt 06-05-2012 02:24 AM

Good looking sticker!

zedpapa 06-05-2012 02:36 AM

just got mine today, too. now i need to figure out where i'm going to put.

CHLChris 06-05-2012 03:00 AM

I should get more creative...

GLOCKMASTER 06-05-2012 03:45 AM


Originally Posted by 94browninghunt
Good looking sticker!

Thank you!

XxChino13xX 06-05-2012 06:30 AM

I try to keep the stickers to a minimum on my truck, so I put my FTF sticker on my binder that I take with me to see my psychologist at the VA, underneath my gun family sticker lol. I get a few looks while I'm sitting in the waiting room.

magnumman 12-03-2012 12:40 PM

Where can I get one of these?

trip286 12-03-2012 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by magnumman (Post 1036884)
Where can I get one of these?

When you become a supporting member, you get access to all areas of the forum (except the mods lounge. Where they keep the really good stuff), cookies, a tub full of beer, a sticker, and there's a cheerleader and a goat floating around here somewhere...

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