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"Farmers' Almanac" predicts a "bitterly cold" winter

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Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
Apparently someone doesn't understand the difference between weather and climate.
Sounds like someone's a believer...
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Originally Posted by boatme98 View Post
Boy I hope not. I have no desire to spend months hauling propane tanks and torches up and down ice encrusted catwalks, thawing pulleys, belts, and rollers. And freezing off various anatomical parts while hammering and chipping rock off a couple miles of conveyor belts.
Jeeze, why'd I leave Florida?
You know I've asked that question myself almost everyday for the last 10 years.
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Originally Posted by Daoust_Nat View Post
I live in Florida. Bitterly cold in the winter is when the daytime temps do not hit 60 deg F. Now as an old high school soccer referee, I had some games fall into the mid 30s, which in shorts is colder then a Mother in Law's kiss, but since I am not doing that anymore, I am good!
I was stationed at Eglin AFB for a few months and had the pleasure of guarding and walking around a squadron of SAC F-4's at night during November and December. Caught pneumonia and spent a week in the base hospital. It does get disagreeable in Florida in the winter. I also guarded the SR-71 Blackbird but that was in a hanger and was pretty cool.
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Originally Posted by squirrelhunter View Post
I don't pay any attention to that almanac,never have never will.
Same. Might as well flip a coin. They have predicted "worst in history" winters here for the last several years. No snow to speak of since 2010. What a joke.
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The Farmers Almanac is for entertainment purposes only. I would rather read something else, anything else.
I'd do more fishing if I could use a gun!
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I think the F.A. should try their hand at hurricane predictions (Or do they already?). They'd have to be better than what we have now.
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This weatherman seemed to think that the almanac was worth taking into account as long as you don't expect pinpoint accuracy.

And heck meteorologists are wrong half the time too.
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Someone was telling me about this today. I like winter because I can take my mosin out and act like I am in Stalingrad
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Lmfao ^^^^^^^ !!!!
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the farmer's almanac is used to plant crops by when to harvest what the cycles of the moon are etc. hence the name farmer's almanac. its not meant to be a pinpoint weather predictor but simply a means of consolidating information on when the best time to plant crops is/was.

altho it IS far more accurate than the national weather service...
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