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diggsbakes 06-02-2011 01:39 AM

Ex-Soldier/Customer that makes your skin crawl. . .
So I was in my local shop BSing with the owners and a kinda squirly-looking, thinner build guy walks in asking for a muzzle device for his AK-47. Being in the midst of the AR craze and such, they didn't have a single product to offer, so being the kind of guy I am I wait until there's no chance of a sale happening (out of courtesy/respect for their business) 'till I speak up.

The guy makes it apparant that he is ex-military and begins to mess with an AR-15 "piece gun" that was the owners' "truck gun", demonstrating that he knew how to operate it fairly well. He (the owner) started the build w/ an A1 upper receiver at the same time I started "Scrapy", so we were discussing them. Keep in mind I usually don't sell gun stuff, I use it.

Anyways, I first offer to him a Slant muzzle brake that I would have probably given to him. Instead he sneers at it and comments on how ugly they are and one would never be placed upon his AK. I then ask what he is looking for and conclude that he doesn't know, nor does he realize the difference between a brake/comp and flash suppressor.

Feeling inferior, he then makes this comment, I'd rather grab a phone-book than an AK going into a fight!". His tone was annoying as hell and so I explained to him that years of practice with AK variants has left me (as well as many others I grew up with and still shoot with) with the ability to throw some rounds down range that would hit a man-sized target at 200yds more times than not and that the AK is perfect for its intended use.

The guy began to talk himself up as to how proficient he was with an M4, so I cut him off as quick as I could and offered to have a shoot-out at the owners range, Me/AK vs. him/M4! We love that stuff and have done it in the past. Suddenly he retracts to "I have seen guys that could really shoot an AK, but they've shot them their whole lives. . "

Furthermore, the guy then makes the comment that he is "looking" for an M4 as his in in military storage??? (Have no idea 'bout this?) We start to show him a couple AR/M4gery style guns (one was mine on consignment), the guy then answers his cell phone w/o even saying excuse me and continues to talk as he exits the building. . . WHAT A TOTAL DOUCHE!!!

I should have taken the opportunity to slap some sense into the little dweeb. I live about 30 mi south of Ft. Carson and run into many military folk. Most are great, some are not. All of them shoot, but many don't shoot well. . .

orangello 06-02-2011 01:59 AM


Originally Posted by diggsbakes (Post 516022)
Feeling inferior, he then makes this comment, I'd rather grab a phone-book than an AK going into a fight!".. . .

Who he gonna call, ghostbusters?

diggsbakes 06-02-2011 03:31 AM

LOL! I don't know what he was getting at. . . the whole thing was really weird. I think the guy really thought he was some sort of "Super Soldier", and obviously superior to the rest of us in the room. :rolleyes:

Another thing that got me was when he was handling the AR "truck-gun", he was really hard on the carrier and bolt catch. . . ? I was waiting for the owner to say something, but the disrespectful jerk got on his phone pretty quick and was soon gone. :mad:

falseharmonix 06-02-2011 03:47 AM

What a tool. I thought he was looking for a flash suppressor for his AK, but then knocks the AK's? :confused:

diggsbakes 06-02-2011 03:53 AM

Yeah, he was looking for a supressor for an AK, upset that we couldn't provide "the one" he was after to look good on his AK, but wouldn't take his AK into a fight ? ! ?!?

I have a soft spot for AKs anyways, but that's absurd!

Now that I'm thinking about it, I bet he was delusional and/or high as a kite. . . :rolleyes:

c3shooter 06-02-2011 07:06 AM

Was in my favorite used book shop, shooting the breeze with one of the staff, when one of those "Soldier of Fantasy" types came through- about 25 yrs old, and intent on impressing everyone there that he was God's answer to John Wayne, Georgie Patton, Vercingetorex, Sun-tzu, and Audie Murphy.

It was mildy amusing. We never said a word. The kindly gent working in the used book shop does so because he likes books. Before he retired, he was my boss. Light Colonel. Ordnance type. I have seen his records- man has been in more fiirefights than most grunts- during 2 tours in Nam, ran vehicle recovery ops. OK, you got caught in an ambush, the next day, THESE are the folks going BACK into Injun country to get the shot up tank or truck back for repair. Sometimes it is STILL Injun country, and no one told THEM the ambush was over.

Never know who yer gonna run across out there.

diggsbakes 06-03-2011 10:38 PM

I was caught off guard this time. Next encounter of this sort I'll have an answer/comment that'll thicken the air up in the room real quickly! ;)

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