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Ever have a dream...

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The Balota's
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Originally Posted by seancslaughter View Post
I used to get some real terrible ones when I first got back from Iraq usually reliving an IED attack and after a while they started getting less and less vivid and frequent.....Until the VA doc said here take this Chantix to help you stop smoking well lets see my dream came back and kicked up a notch to include not only was I being hit with an IED I was tumbling out into the firefight in AVP 2 where the aliens took out the whole platoon followed by all sorts of crazy ****e that I was terrified of. I promptly threw away the chantix and told that doc he was an ******* next time I saw him.
I guarantee you Chantix is bad, BAD ****. I don't know anyone, not ONE person, who has had success with Chantix. It's terrible stuff. I know several people who have had nightmares, psychotic episodes, weird feelings all day when taking Chantix.
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I don't normally remember my dreams... However, there was one.

Back after my mom entered the hospital the 2nd time, and it took almost two weeks for the hospital to contact me (long story there), and they needed me to provide her end of life decisions. It was very clear she was at the end of her life. Her verbal (and written) directions were explicitly clear to me (and my wife). There really was no decision, it was just providing the authorization. I was comfortable with the hard decision, and in a way, she had taken all the load off of me with her explicit directions.

A couple of weeks after making the decision and before she passed, I woke up one morning wide awake, remembering every single detail. I was out front working in my yard when a car pulls up. This little girl gets out of the car and comes up to me and asks, "why didn't you take care of your mom like you did before?" I replied, "there was nothing I could do, she waited too long to ask for my help, and it was too late." She thanked me, skipped back to the car, and drove away.

What made this so strange, in my conscience mind, I knew it was the only and correct decision.
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Originally Posted by TLuker View Post
I'm not sure about that? I dreamed I met Jesus one night and I'm pretty sure I hadn't met him before? The face I saw could have been from someone that I had previously seen and then associated it with Jesus, but it wasn't a face that I recognized.

That dream occurred during a time when I was questioning everything and one day I figured out that the purpose of every human is to understand and to create. That night I dreamed that I was talking to Jesus and he said I was right about our purpose, and that I used deductive reasoning figure it out. I wasn't very religious at the time but that dream sure got my attention.
Are you very very sure it was a dream. It might have seemed like one but maybe it wasn't.
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Originally Posted by string1946 View Post
Are you very very sure it was a dream.
No I'm not sure, and I've had a few dreams since that I'm not so sure about.
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Usually when I dream, I become obvious of it in my conscious while sleeping. Sounds funny ,but it happens for me regularly.. So I hardly ever get "freaked out".
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Yup, bad dreams are a regular thing for me.

I had one the other night in which I was hallucinating or insane. I would see something, react to it, and find out subsequently that what I reacted to was not real. Later in the same dream or related subsequent dream, I was being pursued by some LEO's for a rather gruesome murder of somebody I know well that I committed as a result of the hallucination/insanity issue. UNPLEASANT!

I still can't figure out the funky, cream-colored, disco boots (short, side zip, squared-toe) or why they were on the wrong feet, much less how that person was walking in them.

One night, just one night, I just want to dream of Jeanie.
Dead Bears, the only good kind.
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The Lakota Sioux have used these for 1,000 years. The "Nitestalker" also protects them from all those things that go bump in the night. He stalks the evil spirits that attacks sleeping humans. Yep, the world is complex even if you live in tent.
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yes, the ones that bug me the most are dreams of combat, not stuff that already happened but stuff that hasn't, never do I get messed up in the dream, I have one recurring dream that im in a firefight and im not physically strong enough to pull the trigger. and in the dreams that I am able to fire back its such overwhelming odds that all my buddies die and I wake up. then it throws my sleep pattern off and I cant sleep. right now im falling back into a good sleep pattern but who knows how long itll last. best thing is to accept it and drive on
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I have had dreams that seemed very real. I have woke up laughing and I have woke up in tears. I usually have dreams that seem real when I am stressed out.
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Originally Posted by ultimate-soldier5 View Post
, I have one recurring dream that im in a firefight and im not physically strong enough to pull the trigger.
I... ****ing... HATE... that one.
And the times you DO get the trigger pulled back, it's because you finally had to just use two fingers on it? This happens to me at least once a week.
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