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Ever have a dream...

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I personally believe one of the reasons we have nightmares is over-exhaustion. Maybe I'm way off base there, but that's just one of my beliefs.

Originally Posted by trip286 View Post
My mind is the scariest place I've ever been.
My deepest fear is being out of control of my own mind. Not in a dream, but in actual life. Like that movie "A Beautiful Mind" or "The Black Swan" or whatever it was called. Going crazy, in other words.
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I don't like my dreams.
Oh dern....

Revelation 19:11

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.
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The Balota's
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GG&C, I had a terrible dream just last week. I woke up all freaked out. Those dreams don't happen often but I hate when they do happen.
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GGC- I dont remember my dreams often but had one a couple nights ago that shook me. I lost a good friend who was also my boss to cancer a few years back. In my dream, instead of the way he really died, in my dream it was his last day, retirement day and we were all wishing him a great retirement! Woke up shaking....

The mind is so damn powerful that even we the owners cant tell it what to think. Dreams are the minds way of rewriting, reliving or unliving things it cant or wont come to terms with. Ive had some reoccurring ones that took decades to shake off, mostly when I was young.

Other cultures believe that our dreams have much more importance than just random sleepy time movies. Myself, I just think they remind us of things that might just disappear from our daily thoughts if we let them, the unconscious human in us refuses to let us forget as long as were still firing neurons. They may bring peace or pain but understanding them isnt often something that happens, I dont even try, makes my head hurt thinking about them too long!

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Originally Posted by GunsGodAndCountry View Post
I had a dream when I was real young that was all in sort of a sepia tone.
You know you're old when your childhood dreams weren't color.

I fight in my sleep. A lot. It frightens my wife. Many nights I have woken up to her holding me down and telling me it's alright. I go right back to sleep.
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Eeeeeeek....! I had this most terrible dream one night.i was traveling east to west down south from Florida to California . I got lost off the beaten trail and stopped to get direction . I was getting gas and checking things under the hood.
The gentleman that work there , ask if I checked my aul.? (AUL) , I asked .?

The gentleman smiled , two teeth and all and YEAP , aul.! I looked at him and bewildered , said ....auh I think so .?

The gentleman replied ,well Yaul got to keep the aul up , it protects all them arn
parts . (ARN) ......... I said well , I guess so.!

Well , I was done there , I think , so ask the gentleman where nearest place to get a bite too eat .

The man smiled , two teeth and all , and said Billy Joe,s . Balled eggs , pigs knuckles , just about anything..! (Balled)....? Hmmmm....sounds good .
Ok , how do I get there.?

The man said , " well , you go back to the ole tree that don,t look like a tree and turn lef , it,s just down the road a piece ".

I get back on the road headed to Billy,s .......10 miles click off , 20 miles , 30 ....
Hmmmm...! I ended up in Bute Montana......!

What a dream........Eeeeeeeek..!

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I am not a dream expert, by any means, but I do know that dreams are not something that you are destined to experience in your conscious life. Dreams are your subconscious mind working through experiences that you've had and concerns that you have.

You will have dreams that you will not enjoy and most you will not be able to make sense of, but I do know that they do not directly affect your waking life, unless you allow them to.

There is an old African proverb that says, "You cannot stop the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair!"

Think about that.
"Your fear is 100% dependent on you for it's survival." - Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
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I don't usually remember my dreams. Maybe parts but if I don't really try to think of what it was about after 30 minutes or so its completely gone. I have had dreams that I woke up from and then dreaded going back to sleep afraid it would start over. I did read once that anyone in your dreams is someone that you have at least seen sometime during your life. That you don't make up faces in dreams. I don't know.
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I used to get some real terrible ones when I first got back from Iraq usually reliving an IED attack and after a while they started getting less and less vivid and frequent.....Until the VA doc said here take this Chantix to help you stop smoking well lets see my dream came back and kicked up a notch to include not only was I being hit with an IED I was tumbling out into the firefight in AVP 2 where the aliens took out the whole platoon followed by all sorts of crazy ****e that I was terrified of. I promptly threw away the chantix and told that doc he was an ******* next time I saw him.
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Originally Posted by string1946 View Post
I did read once that anyone in your dreams is someone that you have at least seen sometime during your life. That you don't make up faces in dreams. I don't know.
I'm not sure about that? I dreamed I met Jesus one night and I'm pretty sure I hadn't met him before? The face I saw could have been from someone that I had previously seen and then associated it with Jesus, but it wasn't a face that I recognized.

That dream occurred during a time when I was questioning everything and one day I figured out that the purpose of every human is to understand and to create. That night I dreamed that I was talking to Jesus and he said I was right about our purpose, and that I used deductive reasoning figure it out. I wasn't very religious at the time but that dream sure got my attention.
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