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powg 10-18-2012 12:19 AM

east texas farm accident
mr ''jack'' bishop 88 died when he lawnmower he was ridin ran off into and flipped on top of him ,trapping him in the 5ft burning fire pit . he and his wife were cleaning up the place burning brush/mowing . I only pray that he had a heart attack causing this or that the fall broke his neck ...he was an ol school rancher /farmer .

Zombiegirl 10-18-2012 12:22 AM

My great grandpa died of a heart attack on his plow but the mules did not stop when he fell off and they ran him over. They said he may have lived had that not happened. Reading your post made me think of this. He was from Nebraska as was my beautiful Granny.

Axxe55 10-18-2012 12:23 AM

that's sad to hear and a horrible way to die.

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