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saviorslegacy 10-23-2010 02:00 AM

Duck War Veteran?
What is a Duck War Veteran? I am yet again, confused. lol

cpttango30 10-23-2010 02:13 AM

A Late member Bobbyb13 had a stuffed duck. He sent that duck to Canebreak and Cane sent it to another MOD who is super secretive about personal details. Then they started talking about the impending doom coming with the duck. Then others were recutied to join the duck on his quest to rule the world. It was a great prank and one of the first if not the first of many fun and funny pranks pulled on this board.

Bobby B was larger than life and a great man. I was sad big time to hear of his passing. He lived just a few hours south of me and we never had meet yet.

I remember one time he needed a part for a rifle. I had a spare one so I just packed it up and sent it to him and didn't ask for anything in return. I did however put on the backage Bobby B
Commander and Duck.

After he got the package and looked at it he about wreaked the pickup because he was laughing so hard. I am sure more people will be along to fill in more of the details on the Great FTF Duck War....

Gojubrian 10-23-2010 02:25 AM

We all miss Bobby terribly. :(

I was new here when the duck wars were going on and not a supporting member yet.

skullcrusher 10-23-2010 03:11 AM

Bobbyb13, Robert Bowers, was a great member here and he was very open about his life. He was nearly killed and nearly deaf from an exploding brush pile. He was a proud father of two sons. One a Naval Officer and the other a LEO. He was a great husband to his wife, an MD. He was also a proud nephew to a D-Day Paratrooper.

He sported a Duck holding a 1911 for an avatar during "Stuffed Animal Avatar Week" (it's a Bunker thing). JD got all grabby hands about the duck.

Bobby decided to send JD a duck without JD's knowledge and then began to taunt JD about an invasion of the PNW. Members joined in as either a look out for JD (who still did not know the Duck was on its way) or as a scout for the Duck. The most epic happening here at FTF and was to be known forever as The Great Duck War.

Sadly, Bobby passed away after receiving severe internal injuries from a prized cow. He killed the cow while fighting back with his Taurus 1911 (actually 5 or 6 bullets killed the cow). While recovering from his injuries, he just stopped posting. Stalkingbear or Cane (I don't remember which) finally got ahold of one of his sons by phone who let us know he passed. The saddest day here at FTF.

There is much more to Bobby's time here, but to go through it all would take pages and pages. His membership will probably always be kept alive in his honor.

c3shooter 10-23-2010 03:22 AM

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And remember the rallying cry-
"It's RABBIT season!"
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dog2000tj 10-23-2010 10:11 PM

At the time I was too busy with work and missed out on the Duck war. It truly was a magical event and one that will always be remembered. I will always remember Bobbyb13, a wonderful man a great friend even if we had never met.

It's members like him and many others here on this forum that I am looking so forward to the next FTF Meet and Greet.

Thank you all :)

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