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Vikingdad 10-13-2013 02:07 AM

Drunk Call Congress?
Have any of you heard about this website?

Man! If I were still drinking I would have a ball with that action! Anybody wanna pick up my slack? :p

MisterMcCool 10-13-2013 02:17 AM

I just called. Got the "mailbox is full" message. :(

Vikingdad 10-13-2013 03:06 AM


Originally Posted by MisterMcCool (Post 1400029)
I just called. Got the "mailbox is full" message. :(

Call another one! they don't have to be your congressman!LOL!

stratrider 10-13-2013 05:30 PM

I like the drink recipes at the bottom, lol

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