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5artist5 08-14-2008 02:53 PM

Don't Shop at Frys Electronics
I had such bad customer service at Fryís Electronics yesterday that I wonít go back there and I encourage everyone else to do the same.
Let me tell you what happened. I bought a new DVD burner for my PC the other day and when I got it home and opened up the box it was the wrong thing. There was a DVD ROM drive in the box instead of a DVD burner. It wasnít even the right color. So ok I thought, I have the receipt, Iíll just go exchange it for the right thing and maybe buy a few other things while Iím there. So I get there and go to the returns department and tell the guy what happened. He tells me that itís the wrong item in the box. ďRightĒ, I say, ďThat is what I just told you. It is the wrong item in this box. Not what I wanted and not what the says is in there.Ē So he checks with the manager and decides that I can go screw myself. He says that I need to take it up with the manufacturer. Now, if I wanted to mess around making calls, being on hold and having things mailed to me I would have ordered it form the Internet in the first place. That is not what I wanted; I wanted the DVD burner right now! That is why I went to a store in the first place. I was so furious that I noticed a red tint to my vision and I feared that I would soon be blinded with rage. I decided to just walk away from the situation, from the DVD ROM drive, from this unreasonable jerk at the counter and away from Fryís Electronics forever. For all of the thousands of dollars I have spent at Fryís Electronics over the years they decided that for the price of a forty-dollar DVD burner they would rather loose me as a customer? Really? I would have no doubt continued to spend thousands of dollars there, but no more.
Especially in this time of bad economy where people are spending less and it is so much easier to just order everything off of the internet you would think that a brick and mortar store would make the most of one of the only things they have to offer, live customer service, but apparently not. They have taken the opposite tack. Maybe it is reverse psychology? Maybe they think if they treat their customers like crap people will like it? Well I donít like it! I donít go to stores to be abused. I donít willingly give money people who disrespect me.

So I encourage everyone to stop shopping at Fryís Electronics. There are many other places to get your electronics from. I recommend they have the best prices around and often get you your stuff the next day for no extra charge. They have all kinds of electronics from TVís to cameras to computer stuff. I have had no problems returning things to them. If you need to go in to a store for computer stuff try PC Club if there is one near you. They are way more helpful that Fryís anyway and they have good sales. The salesmen at Fryís are rude and ignorant of the stuff they sell. What good are uninformed salesmen? No good at all.

live2offroad 08-14-2008 08:48 PM

I gave up on Frys almost 10 years ago, when they went from a hardcore electronics store to a high pressure sales swamp full of over priced consumer crap...


cpttango30 08-15-2008 05:17 AM

I haven't been in a store like that since Itunes came out. I hardley go into Best Buy or Circuit City. I can't stand being swarmed but a bunch of people who don't know a 1/3 of what I know abotu what I am looking for. I don't need some pimpley faced kids telling me what I do and don't need on a computer.

BigO01 08-15-2008 06:12 AM

Sad they naturally assume you the customer is trying to rip them off rather than assuming the manufacture put the wrong product in the box .

A few years back this would have been a big deal when DVD burners were much more expensive 3x-4x more than a simple player but now the burners aren't that much more now and that's at the retail level , at wholesale even if you were lying you might be getting over on them by a whole $10 maybe .

They would have made much more than that off of you in the long run just selling you blank DVD's for your new burner .

You should call the Chains home office and explain to them they have some real morons running that store and you are telling everyone you can about it including posting on the net .

mrwatch 08-15-2008 12:19 PM

I do not know the name. I don't buy much at retail anymore. But I do not like the pressure to buy the extended warranty. Any way back in the mid 80s my boss bought a TV for his den. We Carried it into the basement. Wrong TV in the box. Took it back and got the next one home and it was not stereo. 3rd try got the right one. Discount store. Good thing he had it in stock. The other thing was they were up on a shelf and the clerk was missing part of one arm. But he managed to get the heavy box down with his disability. I sure give him credit.

While you are talking DVR burners. My friend gave me a tape he burned to DVD. on a VCR style machine. Not fed into a computer. Works on his player but my player and computer would not run it. Must be several formats used? Also I have Fire Fox on my computers. On one it opens images as quick time player and wants to save as the same format only. Have to re-open my Explorer if I want to save as a JPEG.

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