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Shihan 09-28-2009 01:39 AM

Dog Show
I know everyone has their personal protection, what about early warning system of the four legged kind...Lets see your other best friends
One of my Puppies.
My First line of protection.
The Lady of the house.
My oddball.

I know their out there.

Gojubrian 09-28-2009 07:01 AM

I have two great dane pups (7 1/2months) and a terrier mix 2yrs old. The little terrier stays inside and is a good yappy doggy, like she's supposed to be.
The great danes wouldn't hurt a fly, but their bark is already intimidating. My male stands at 30" at the withers and 95lbs, already!! The female stands at 27.5" and 87lbs. They are both sweet as ever. I'll put up some photos tomorrow. :)

cpttango30 09-28-2009 11:20 AM

3 Attachment(s)
3 of the 4 attack cats. Mr. Chubbs will flob down in front of a bg tripping him MC (Big Gray and white) will then freak out jumping nad running all over knocking the 35# plant container over on teh bg head. Sweet Pea then small orange one will then walk over and breath in the bg face for the death blow (She has bad teeth and bad very bad breath think rotting skunk mixed with rotting chicken liver). Then The dog will come over and start eating his feet. Now if that ain't a protection combo I don't know what is.
Attachment 6380

Mr. Chubbs in is PIMP motif.
Attachment 6381

Attachment 6382

Robert NC 09-28-2009 11:23 AM

Your warning system is about like mine. Love the pimp motif.

jwhirl413 09-28-2009 11:46 AM

Aussies for life
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Here they are. I currently have 3 australian shepherds. My oldest male was run over last october, but his little boy(now a spitting image of his father) is now full grown and acts just like him. I am in the process of training the newest edition, our beautiful black tri female. they dont miss anything, if our outdoor cat jumps up on the porch swing they go nuts, i cant believe the things they hear. I for one wouldn't dare break in my house, not when they go bananas at the first sound.

Last year I was sitting on the couch watching tv at about 1:30 or two, all lights off, even outside, and I hear the softest knock on my door, the dogs go crazy and rush the door, I grab the 9(right beside me) and pop on the outdoor light and peak through the blinds, no one in sight( all within about 6 secs of the knock). I hope whomever it was soiled themselves on the way out of my driveway cause they scattered the rocks in my walkway like they were a stumbling drunk. Inside dogs are priceless and will probably keep me from every having to fire my pistol at an intruder.

Jo da Plumbr 09-28-2009 01:24 PM

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New photo of Roscoe from Labor Day Camping Trip

.................................................. ...............................

Gojubrian 09-28-2009 01:51 PM

Kaiser a few months ago.

Sadie at the same time.

roosterjuicer 09-28-2009 03:31 PM

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a yellow lab for hunting, a german shepherd for home protection, and a king charels for wifey.

jwhirl413 09-28-2009 04:18 PM

chase and catch
not the best footage, but worth the view in my opinion. too bad he's not around to continue but his son is just as good...hope you enjoy it.

slowryde45 09-28-2009 11:38 PM

The 3 Stooges...but don't let their docile appearance fool you :rolleyes:

If you've never been hit by a 69 pound torpedo, try either of our bassets on for size. The Boston Terrier is the old man in the group, at 8 yrs old and 30 pounds. He's got the jaws of a pit bull, and though small compared to the other 2, you would know if he latched on. But the youngest Basset is the watch dog, and has a taste for snow...or BG's. ;)


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