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cnorman18 10-18-2007 04:33 PM

"Do "Gun-Free" Zones Encourage School Shootings?"
Here's a great column by Larry Elder in Human Events:

Do "Gun-Free" Zones Encourage School Shootings?
by Larry Elder
Posted: 10/18/2007

Here are a few excerpts:

"Do shooters consider schools "gun-free zones"? Do they consider it unlikely that any authority figure -- whether teachers or, in some cases, security guards -- poses an armed threat? But in some school shooting cases, guns helped to end shooting sprees and minimize loss of life and injury."

"Israel gets it. Since the 1970s, on school campuses in Israel, policy requires teachers and parent aides to arm themselves with semi-automatic weapons. The result? School shootings have plummeted to zero."

There's much more. Enjoy.

berettaindy 10-18-2007 08:37 PM

Good Point
It sounds simular to the concealed carry laws. People are more worried that someone else could shot back.

Catfish 10-19-2007 12:22 AM

In the US we are in a much different situation than they are in Israel, but I would still be in favor of teachers with CCW permit being alowed to carry in school. Or really anyone with a CCW premit being alowed to carry in a school.

SASD209 10-19-2007 07:55 AM

"Do "Gun-Free" Zones Encourage School Shootings?"

Gun free zones are only good for the bad guys, who know they have an un-armed population to terrorize. Doesn't matter if it's schools or malls or a city. Just my $0.02.

mrwatch 10-19-2007 05:28 PM

A man sought a permit to open a part time gun shop in his home. He was turned down by the city because he lived in the gun free school zone.

rustycrusty 10-20-2007 12:46 AM

I am new to this forum, but I'm not shy to express myself when it comes to gun issues.
Does anyone remember Pearl,Ms. school shooting? It no air time on the big 3 networks cause the vice-principal heard the first two shots ran to his truck
(parked on the street cause of this dumb law) got his Colt .45 Officers model and confronted the student and stopped what cuold have been a bad situation.

For his bravery the powers that be were considering bringing charges against him! Then they realized they would be prosecuting a man that most in the community thought a hero.

aussierogue 10-20-2007 01:03 AM

Not being a weapons owner ( But i will be soon ) i think gun free zones only help the bad guys as they know noone is there to stop them


allmons 10-20-2007 01:30 AM

Absolutely !
There's a reason these crazed killers never tackle a police station or National Guard Armory - armed people would blow them out of their socks in a New York Minute!

Proof positive these cowards want unarmed victims!


bkt 10-20-2007 11:24 AM

Areas where people are known to be armed are rarely if ever targeted by criminals precisely because the people can and will defend themselves. Areas known to be "gun-free" are very frequently targeted by criminals precisely because the people cannot defend themselves.

The logic is obvious and clear.

But the trick is getting "gun haters" to look at the facts and get over their irrational fear and hatred of guns, which they still think is the only real problem; the criminals wouldn't be criminals if guns weren't available, they say.

They want more gun control laws even though criminals won't obey the laws. They want to "feel safe" in "gun free" zones even though the people they are around are law-abiding citizens who mean them no harm.

Between Hollywood (particularly kid's movies), mindless celebrities, daytime TV talk show hosts, schools (particularly grade schools), and liberal media all spouting the same anti-gun messages, getting people to reconsider their long-reinforced views will be a difficult thing to do.

huckleberry 10-20-2007 10:33 PM

Its like i told my friends as we were watching the news after the virginia tech shootings... "all it would have taken is one person with one gun and one bullet to save a lot of lives." I do not understand how anyone could support the outlaw of firearms. i'm a 20 year old kid and i understand the importance of being armed in todays society, why do the well educated politicians not get it?:confused:

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