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Disguisted ! ! !

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Been there, done that.....

Ordered a new Beeman RX-1 air rifle and "extras" from a local FFL who also happens to be the only Beeman dealer in this area that I know of. "Wow," says the salesman - "we've never sold one of those before". Paid the total bill up-front to the tune of approx $800. Was told the gun would be there the following week on Tuesday. Went down to pick it up on Tuesday - "Sorry it hasn't come in yet.... try again on Thursday. Come Thursday, same story. "It should be here next Wednesday." At this point, I am seriously PO'ed.

I went back the following Wednesday, determined to come back home with my rifle or my money back in full. (My bank is REAL good about reversing CC charges.)

Told the gent behind the counter I was there to pick up my items. I get some hemming and hawing, and he says I'll go in back and check on it.....
As he turns and walks by I noticed a new Beeman RX-1 box leaning up against the back wall behind the counter. He comes back 5 minutes later and (you guessed it) "No, sorry it's not here yet......."

OK, fine. Here is my receipt. I want all my money back. Go get the owner or manager NOW! More stuttering ensues......
So then another individual comes out and says let me take another look for you. As he turns to walk back, he pauses and tries to nonchalantly grab the (obviously empty) Beeman box and carries it off with him. Several minutes later he returns with (what do you know?) all my items.
After getting the gun home and looking it over I took it to my basement to test fire it. Loaded a pellet and pulled the trigger....

My ears rang for about an hour after that. Not only had they been "playing" with my new rifle for a week or more - but they did it after over pressurizing the gas spring so that it fired at 1200 FPS! The gun dieseled and the crack produced from the rifle (supersonic pellet) in my enclosed basement was certainly unexpected as was the smoke rolling out of the muzzle. As I had no hearing protection on (since this IS an air gun) the blast similar to a .22LR going off in that environment immediately reminded me of what tinnitus is all about.

I have not, and will never set foot in that place again. I also relay my story to every single local shooter I come in contact with that utters the name of that establishment - and will let them decide if they want to do business there or not. The place was destroyed once before by a fire. Here's to hoping history repeats itself.
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What NGIB said. If they can't account for every item at the drop of a hat, they aren't accounting. Put the peen to them.
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Originally Posted by NGIB View Post
I would let them know that I'd be contacting the ATF about the way they do business. If they did not log the gun in as soon as it was received they are in violation of the law. If they did, you have proof positive that they lied and kept your gun under false pretenses.

Yeah, I'd play hardball with these asshats and no FFL wants the ATF crawling up their azz...
This is exactly what I would do.

I would also go to and tell my story. Online reviews are forever.


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FWIW, there is a gent in the Guiness World Book as the Most Effective Complainer, and he had a standrd line he used. I have tried it, and it usually works.

While it may be satisfying to walk into the shop and strip the bark off everyone in there, it may not pofit you much.

Ask to speak to the owner. Your trigger is when the owner says the magic words- "What can I do for you?" Your response should be "First, may I tell you what your (staff, company, shop) has ALREADY done for me?" Calmly explain the increased cost, inconvenience, etc. I would seek reimbursement for the additional shipping costs, and waiving the transfer fee. Save the threats to trash their name to every shooter in that area code, to never darken their door again, etc. Oh, you can DO that- just do not voice it.
What we have here is... failure- to communicate.
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I didn't have time to stop by the shop today, but I called that bitchy "Business Manager" and asked if she remembered my constant inquiring last week about the GP100. She said yes and went back to look again, what do you know the gun was right there.

I began to explain how I had basically accused the seller of not shipping in accordance with our agreement. She managed to come out with a forced "sorry". I went on about how much the shipping was and how I really wanted that gun for the weekend camping trip. She then coped an attitude and ended the conversation with "Well, it's here."

I guess tomorrow I'll speak with the owners and see what they'll do. I'm still in disbelief.
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You definitely need to bypass her and go straight to the owner(s). That kind of attitude and lack of service is garbage. I like c3's input, usually a big display will get you nowhere, but a quiet, calm discussion with the owner may have much better results.
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